Thursday, October 6, 2011

Today on Kresta - October 6, 2011

Talking about the "things that matter most" on Oct. 6

Live from the Studios of Living Bread Radio

4:00 – The Way of Beauty
The Way of Beauty is about the culture in the broadest sense of the word. It is therefore, about how we live our lives in every aspect. It is a way of life. The aim of this program is to inspire devotion to and guidance on The Way of Beauty. This is the most attractive and joyful way of life, because it is the most direct path to God. It hopes to inspire people to follow The Way of Beauty by describing both high culture and simple everyday living, past and present, that reflect it. The good life is the joyful life. The question then is: how can we lead a good life? Director David Clayton answers this question.

4:40 - The Unbelieving Brain
Professional skeptic Michael Shermer's new book The Believing Brain is typical of the mind=brain, thoughts=chemistry genre. The approach is, of course, not new, but goes back to the 17th century philosopher Thomas Hobbes who declared that all human thought was the result of a chain of mechanical reactions that begins in the sense organs, runs through the nerves, and finally makes its way "inwards to the Brain, and Heart." Shermer's book adds new ammunition from the latest neuroscience to this centuries old argument. Our children are back in school now and they will likely be hearing the message that their beliefs are merely chemical reactions in their brains. Are they prepared with an answer? Dr. Ben Wiker is here to give those answers.

5:00 – If the GOP is Now Set, Is It Time to Make Decisions?
Chris Christie and Sarah Palin have now formally announced that they will not be seeking the Republican nomination for President. With theses announcements, are we confident that the GOP field is now set? Who benefits from Christie and Palin staying out? And who will emerge as the “anti-Romney?” Catholic political scientist Paul Kengor answers these questions.

5:20 – Goodbye Religious Liberty
As the West Coast Director of the Thomas More Law Center, Charles LiMandri had been at the forefront of many religious freedom cases. He knows the arguments inside and out and has produced a CD set entitled “Goodbye Religious Liberty.” With the recent attack on conscience protections by the Department of Health and Human Services, Charles addresses the decline of religious freedom in America.

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  1. As always loved the show today, but I was really disappointed that you & Paul Kengor gave more time to a guy that is not running (Chris Christie), and didn't even mention 1 thing about Ron Paul. You usually are so well rounded and cover all the bases, but if you want to look from a catholic perspective, I don't see how anyone could ignore Ron Paul. Many of us are still figuring it out, but I don't get why so many people ignore this solid candidate. Are we really that afraid to be anti-war as Christian's? Because what we are doing now is anything but a "just" war.

    Hopefully in future programs he will not be slighted when talking about all the candidates running. Definitely a lot more time left in figuring out who is our best option.

    Thanks again for your show.