Monday, October 3, 2011

Today on Kresta - October 3, 2011

Talking about the "things that matter most" on Oct. 3

4:00 – Phoenix: Norms for Reception of Holy Communion Under Both Forms
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix has announced its intentions to implement new norms for the distribution of Holy Communion under the forms of bread and wine that are in keeping with new universal Church standards for the distribution of Communion. What is new is the relaxing of restrictions regarding when bishops may permit Holy Communion under both kinds. Fr. John Muir, associate director for the Office of Worship in the Diocese of Phoenix, is here to discuss the changes.

4:20 – The Little Flowers of Saint Francis
The stories of St. Francis and his first followers have inspired millions of people over the centuries. Since they were first committed to paper, they were told to inspire people to become better followers of Jesus (not St. Francis). For that reason, they have endured unlike any other early Franciscan literature. Jon Sweeney has edited many of these stories into a compilation and is here to prepare us for tomorrow’s feast of St. Francis.

5:00 – Universalism and the Catholic Church
Many Catholics are misled by a belief that all will be saved – a notion known as universalism. Ralph Martin is here to explain why that is a fallacy. Jesus died for the redemption of all mankind. His death redeemed mankind collectively, so we can say that even non-Christians are redeemed. But because each person has free will, he can choose to reject the salvation offered him as a gift. So, while all are redeemed, it is possible that not all will be saved. Christ’s death is sufficient for the salvation of all, but it is efficient for the salvation of those who choose to accept that gift. We get in depth with Ralph.

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