Monday, October 31, 2011

Today on Kresta - October 31, 2011

Talking about the "things that matter most" on Oct. 31

4:00 – Silenced: How Apostasy and Blasphemy Codes are Choking Freedom Worldwide
The fatwa against Salman Rushdie awakened many westerners to the danger of being accused of blasphemy in the Muslim world. But accusations of "blasphemy," "apostasy," or "insulting Islam" are now exploding in their use by authoritarian governments and extremist forces in the Muslim world to acquire and consolidate power. These charges, which traditionally carry a punishment of death, have proved effective in intimidating not only converts and heterodox groups, but also political and religious reformers. Nina Shea has been fighting for religious freedom for decades and is here to describe hundreds of victims, including political dissidents, religious reformers, journalists, writers, artists, movie makers, and religious minorities throughout the Muslim world. She also addresses the move toward new blasphemy laws in the West and the increasing threat of violence to stifle commentary on Islam in the West even in the absence of law.

4:40 – “Mighty Macs”
"The Mighty Macs" is the fact-based story of a women's basketball team from a Catholic college who, through the grit and determination of their rookie coach, got a shot at the national title. This old-fashioned, family-friendly film is "Sister Act" without the singing, "Rocky" with basketballs, and "The Trouble with Angels" with Ellen Bursytn in the Rosalind Russell role of the mother superior. Writer, producer and director Tim Chambers joins us.

5:00 – The Book of Man: Readings on the Path to Manhood
Boys need heroes to embody the everlasting qualities of manhood: honor, duty, valor, and integrity. Without such role models, boys will naturally choose perpetual childhood over the rigors of becoming a man-as many women, teachers, coaches, employers, and adults in authority can quickly attest. Too many boys and men waste time in pointless and soulless activities, unmindful of their responsibilities, uncaring in their pursuits. Have we forgotten how to raise men, how to lead our boys into manhood? William Bennett joins us to answer that question.

5:40 – Animal rights group's lawsuit alleges Sea World is keeping orcas in slavery and violating their 13th Amendment rights
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has filed a lawsuit against Sea World for allegedly violating the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution -- which bans slavery -- by keeping orcas at parks in San Diego and Orlando, Fla. Part of the lawsuit also asserts that it is illegal to artificially inseminate the females and then take away their babies. We talk to bioethicist Wesley Smith about this case and while ridiculous, why it is also very dangerous.


  1. Re: Killer Whales

    God may have intelligently designed killer whales to roam the vast oceans, but we humans have priority over the beasts. It's in Genesis for crying out loud!

    It is Catholic to put orcas in a tank, make them swim in circles, and jump for food. And what better way for children to learn about them?

    Hooray for humans!

  2. Re: Bill Bennett

    Bill Bennett is just one entry in the long list of pompous radio gasbag chickenhawks who didn't man up when called upon to defend the country.

    The Salem Radio Chickenhawks:
    Bill Bennett
    Mike Gallagher
    Dennis Prager (Mr. Wisdom)
    Michael Medved
    Hugh Hewitt (the war loving Fantasy Boy)

    The Nationally Syndicated Chickenhawks:
    Sean Hannity
    Rush Limbaugh
    Glenn Beck
    Laura Ingraham
    Mark Levin

    The Ave Maria Radio Chickenhawks:
    Al Kresta

  3. @mauman Can u please provide examples so that we can understand what a chicken hawk is? Also so that we can more definitively understand the charges you have laid out?

  4. Mr. or Ms. Unknown,

    I think this Wikipedia description of 'chickenhawk' is pretty good. Scroll down to the bottom of the article for some pro and con arguments about the use of the term. (Not all of the links go to the listed article.)

    I use the term 'chickenhawk' as an insult, as a put down. Bill Bennett is a windbag who, like Dennis Prager, fancies himself as a font of wisdom. We need this guy to teach us about honor, duty, valor and integrity? Good grief.

    My motivation is the same as Al Kresta's motivation when he posts his Outrageous Statement of the Day. The purpose is to lower one's respect for the targeted person, and maybe even engender hostility toward him. But there's also another motivation -- one we don't readily admit. We enjoy insulting people we don't like.

    By the way, nobody on the list measures down to Dick Cheney. Cheney is the ultimate, paradigmatic chickenhawk. He is a detestable human being.

    As to whether or not these people are chickenhawks, listen to their shows and judge for yourself.

  5. Bill Bennett's take on the manhood crisis is very imbalanced. For instance, it largely assumes that men have no other reason for falling behind than that they have been heretofore unwilling to step up to the plate. Here is a good take on Mr. Bennett's recent articles on the manhood crisis, bringing a little more balanced perspective.

  6. Sorry, link didn't work. Take two: