Friday, September 16, 2011

Outrageous Statement of the Day - Keith Returns!

Olbermann: Republicans ‘Leading Terrorist Groups’ In US

Considering we are at war with terrorists and the most notorious leader of a terrorist group was recently shot to death by the U.S. military, isn't this kind of language a bit inflammatory and a potential incitement? Eight months ago Mr. Olbermann pledged to adopt a new tone. We wonder if he thinks this measures up.

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  1. God bless Keith for at least trying to remind you American Catholics what it means to be a Roman Catholic.We have terrorized Iraq since 1991.We have blitz and terror bombed innocent civilians.We have falsely imprisoned for years without recourse to due process all for political purposes.If the public even had a clue what we have done, even pro-life Catholics would be outraged.Sad that a pro-gay,pro- choice commentator acts more catholic then you.Try to wake up please.If you don't even more terror will be inflicted...sam