Friday, August 13, 2010

Today on Kresta in the Afternoon - August 13, 2010

Talking about the "things that matter most" on Aug. 13

4:00 – The “R” Father: 14 Ways to Respond to the Lord's Prayer
How of ten do we view the Our Father only as a series of petitions rather than as a way to the heart of our heavenly Father? Popular Catholic author Mark Hart says that the prayer Jesus gave us is a "reactionary" prayer - one that calls for a response from us. As he reflects on each of the words and phrases of the Our Father, he emphasizes the intimate relationship that God desires to have with us.

4:20 – TBA

4:40 - This Just In: Civilization Ends
US District Judge Vaughn Walker refused yesterday to extend a stay – placed on his ruling that declared California’s gay-marriage ban unconstitutional – beyond next week. The decision clears the way for same-sex marriages to begin again in California on Aug. 18, barring intervention from the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Robert Reilly is here to ask, “When do you know that civilization has collapsed inwardly to such an irreparable extent that the next stop is barbarism?” He says Roe v Wade was one of those moments and the overturning of Prop 8 is another.

5:00 – Best and Worst Family Films of All Time
The greatest family film of all time? Respondents polled for a Radio Times magazine survey ranked Steven Spielberg’s E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial as the best, with The Wizard of Oz in the runner-up spot. Catholic film critic Steven Greydanus has his list of the best AND worst family films of all time. And we want your opinions as well.


  1. Wanted: Catholic Apologists in Northern California

    KGO, a secular radio talk show station in San Francisco, has a three hour show on Sunday Mornings called God Talk. It's the only show on KGO devoted to religious issues. During last Sunday's 6 AM hour, the host, Brent Walters, talked about the brothers of Jesus, who are described in Matthew 13: James, Joseph, Simon, and Judas (or Jude). (Matthew 13 also mentions Jesus's "sisters.")

    Walters cited Matthew 13:54-56, 1 Corinthians 9:5, and Galatians 1:18-19, saying that the writers were as clear as can be that Jesus had siblings -- offspring of Mary and Joseph.

    I'm wondering: Where are the Northern California Catholics? Why don't they call in and defend Catholic teaching? Why don't some of the local bishops call in and present the Catholic argument?

    Walters talked mainly about James, who became the leader of the Jerusalem church. He also talked about Jude and his grandsons, Zoker and James, who were martyred during the reign of Trajan.

    Walters made the "until" mistake. He said:
    "According to those gospels, Mary and Joseph were married, and they did not have sexual relations prior to the birth of Jesus. Now this portion of the story we often -- in fact, too often, as far as I'm concerned -- quickly gloss over this. This is the verse in Matthew chapter 1. 'He took his wife and did not know her' -- (that's sexual knowledge) -- 'did not know her UNTIL she had her first born son.' UNTIL! Hence after Jesus was born, Mary and Joseph had children whose names are recorded in the gospels and mentioned in the epistles of Paul. In fact, the leader of the early Jerusalem church, during the life of the apostles, was universally identified as the brother of Jesus. There are four male siblings and at least two sisters mentioned in the gospels."

    Walters also failed to tell us that the word "brother" was also used to describe a cousin. You can read all about this in the Catholic Answers tract "Brethren of the Lord."

    I mentioned Brent Walters once before. He teaches religion at San Jose State University and took over hosting God Talk a few years ago. (The prior host, Bernie Ward, an ex-priest, is currently in prison for distributing child porn by email.) Walters has said that he grew up as a fundamentalist; now he seems to have bought into the historical-critical method. You can get an idea of his approach to religion by looking at his program summaries page.

    You can still hear last Sunday's show by going to the KGO seven day podcast archive. Here's a link to last Sunday's podcasts. Just click on the 6 - 7 a.m. hour to hear the show about the brothers of Jesus. It will be there until the next show on Sunday morning. I should have posted this comment earlier in the week, but I just didn't get around to it.

    If anyone out there wants to defend the Catholic position, the call-in number at KGO is 1-415-808-0810. The show starts at 6 AM Pacific Standard Time every Sunday.

  2. Brent Walters Angrily Hangs Up On Catholic Caller

    On yesterday's (8/15/10) God Talk on KGO, Brent Walters spent all three hours trying to prove that Peter could not have been the first Pope -- that Peter was not "the founder of the Church of Rome." Thirty eight minutes into the last hour a Catholic caller tries to defend Church teaching.

    If you want to hear what the Catholic caller was up against, click on the 8 - 9 a.m. archived hour. He comes on just after the news break at the half hour.

    I bet Walters would behave himself if he knew he was talking to Archbishop Niederauer. The archbishop should call in and straighten this guy out.

  3. Hey Mauman,

    Get your facts straight. I listened to both broadcasts and you clearly could not without a huge ignorant chip on your theological shoulder. I have an idea: rather than tell others to call 808-0810, the KGO line for Walters' show, why don't you call. I bet you are afraid that what you believe cannot stand up to the proof of history. There were no angry callers, there was not bias talking ... it was history. In the light of tradition; however, history means very little to people such as yourself. Rather than "straighten" this guy out, how about reading a book or two? Depending on tradition is how the Catholic church has become irrelevant to most Americans ... and yet you want to propagandize rather than learn. Pathetic and shameful. Call him ... I dare you.