Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Today on Kresta - August 10, 2010

Talking about the "things that matter most" on Aug. 10

4:00 - Now on DVD - “Letters to God”
Tyler Doherty is an extraordinary eight-year-old boy. Surrounded by a loving family and community, and armed with the courage of his faith, he faces his daily battle against cancer with bravery and grace. To Tyler, God is a friend, a teacher and the ultimate pen pal - Tyler's prayers take the form of letters, which he composes and mails on a daily basis. The letters find their way into the hands of Brady McDaniels, a beleaguered postman standing at a crossroads in his life. At first, he is confused and conflicted over what to do with the letters. Over time he begins to form a friendship with the Doherty family - getting to know not just Tyler but his tough, tender yet overwhelmed mom, stalwart grandmother and teen brother Ben - who are each trying to stand strong against the doubts that come with the chaotic turn their lives have taken. Moved by Tyler's courage, Brady realizes what he must do with the letters, a surprise decision that will transform his heart and uplift his newfound friends and community - in an exhilarating act of testament to the contagious effect of one boy's unwavering faith against the odds. We look at the film “Letters to God” – now out on DVD - with Producer / Director David Nixon.

4:20 – Is Gay “Marriage” Inevitable?
Two federal judges who have recently issued rulings adverse to the historic definition of marriage as the conjugal union of husband and wife show what results-oriented jurisprudence is all about. One judge claimed to base part of his ruling on a federal constitutional requirement that Congress yield to the states on their definition of marriage. The other judge ruled that the constitution requires that a state’s democratically enacted definition of marriage be struck down. Confusing? Not if one realizes that the judges in these cases had a common purpose and theme. Their aim was to redefine marriage and label those who hold to the historic understanding of marriage—whether they be the 7 million California voters who approved Proposition 8 or the 427 members of Congress who approved the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996—as “irrational” bigots. Robert George has the analysis.

4:40 – Providing Spiritual Nourishment to Soldiers on the Front Lines
The Frontline Faith Project delivers compact MP3 players preloaded with spiritual content, especially as it pertains to military service, to members of our armed forces currently deployed or returning from deployment, with special emphasis on injured troops and troops stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan. The FRONTLINE FAITH Players include an audio rendition of the Mass (Provided By EWTN); various homilies; prayers just for those serving, including a recitation of the Rosary; Christian music; prayers from children; and testimonies from soldiers about the struggles and victories of their faith journeys. We talk with the founder of the project, Cheri Lomonte.

5:00 – Good Returns: Making Money by Morally Responsible Investing
Offering time-tested wisdom on the complexities of the investment process, George Schwartz is here to examine the difference between socially responsible investing and morally responsible investing—the latter of which screens companies according to a clear set of criteria: those who support or service the abortion industry, producers and distributors of pornography, and companies involved in embryonic stem cell research. Based on this set of guidelines, as well as the success of the Ave Maria Mutual fund, George demonstrates that high returns are achievable while investing in a morally responsible way. Also included is insightful commentary on the current political policies affecting the country’s financial state.

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