Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Planned Parenthood Where Teen Died From Abortion Drug Loses Affiliation

Thanks to LifeNews for this report:

The local San Francisco, California affiliate of Planned Parenthood where teenager Holly Patterson died from using the dangerous RU 486 abortion drug has lost its affiliation with the national abortion business. The decision is not related to Patterson's death but is said to be because of management problems.

Planned Parenthood Golden Gate will not longer be a Planned Parenthood affiliate as of September 3, according to the Bay Citizen newspaper.

Last week, the national Planned Parenthood Federation of America board voted to remove their trademark from the PPGG affiliate, which runs centers in San Francisco, Sonoma, Marin, Alameda and San Mateo counties.

“They were not meeting our standards for administrative and fiscal management,” said Karen Ruffato, VP of affiliate services, told the paper.

The decision means the local abortion business can't rely on the Planned Parenthood name, nor can it benefit from its materials or purchasing power to get better rates on contraception and birth control.

Therese Wilson, interim CEO of PPGG, told the Bay Citizen, “We will continue our operations at all of our 7 sites. We are working really hard to keep our doors open."

Wilson said the abortion business would come up with a new name and focus on fundraising, as it has fallen on hard financial times because it no longer receives reimbursements from the state for Medi-Cal until a state budget is approved.

Jill Stanek, a pro-life blogger and nurse, noted the disaffiliation and said it is the third time a local Planned Parenthood affiliate has been kicked out of the national abortion business.

"This is big news. PPGG is the most renowned if not biggest Planned Parenthood Federation of America affiliate to fall to date," she said. "PPFA severed ties with PP of South Palm Beach and Broward Counties [Florida] in June 2008."

The first affiliate to lose its standing was a Planned Parenthood operating in Hawaii about 10 years ago.

In September 2003, 18-year-old Holly Patterson died after receiving the abortion drug Mifeprex, also known as RU-486, from the Planned Parenthood chapter.

PPGG came under fire for telling patients to take one part of the drug vaginally instead of orally, as recommended by the FDA. That resulted in the deaths of four California women who developed deadly bacterial infections as a result.

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  1. "The decision is not related to Patterson's death but is said to be because of management problems."

    Frighteningly telling statement.

    I could hardly get past the first paragraph.