Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today on Kresta - February 23, 2010

Talking about the Things That Matter Most on Feb. 23

4:00 – In Memoriam: Alex Haig’s Charge
Alexander Haig passed away over the weekend at the age of 85. A Catholic military man, a war veteran, no less than a four-star general, a chief of staff to two Republicans presidents (Nixon and Ford), a secretary of state to a third Republican president (Ronald Reagan), and once widely (but wrongly) suspected as the "Deep Throat" Watergate figure who gave the dirty laundry to Woodward and Bernstein, Haig was often controversial, often egotistical, often mercurial, and always interesting and entertaining. We talk about the Haig legacy with Paul Kengor.

4:20 – CCHD: Finding the Best Path to Reform
For many years, some Catholics have expressed everything from concern to dismay to outrage over some of the groups that receive grants from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. The charge is that a number of these groups are in coalitions that promote reproductive rights, same sex marriage, etc. Last fall the Catholic Campaign announced the defunding of a few organizations apparently responding to the investigative work of Rob Gaspar of Bellarmine Veritas. Since then new allegations have been made and a Reform CCHD Now coalition has formed. We talk to two of the members - Deal Hudson and Rob Gaspar

4:40 – Kresta Comments

5:00 – Did Christianity Cause the Crash?
A couple months ago, the Atlantic magazine ran an article under the provocative headline “Did Christianity Cause the Crash?” The article itself was much less silly than the headline, but even so, its effort to tie Christian religious movements to the crash was a pretty implausible stretch. However, the topic of Christianity and the market deserves some serious attention, because (the absurdity of the Atlantic notwithstanding) recent shifts in Christian religious attitudes really are related in important ways to the American economy. So—Did Christianity Cause the Crash? Dr. Greg Forster has the answer.

5:20 – Word Pictures: Knowing God Through Story & Imagination
At a contentious intersection of faith and contemporary culture, Brian Godawa offers what many have been calling for: balance. In a world (and often a church) torn by imbalanced devotion to either word or image, Godawa joins the two with a needed 'and.' He shows a well-developed literacy for both forms of communication, shows how the Bible incorporates both and challenges us to engage our culture creatively and redemptively on both fronts.

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