Friday, February 12, 2010

No Kennedy in national politics for the first time since 1947

Rep. Patrick Kennedy, the Rhode Island Catholic congressman whom Bishop Thomas Tobin publicly called to “conversion and repentance” because of his support for abortion, has decided not to run for reelection. Referring to his father, the late Sen. Edward Kennedy, the congressman said that “illness took the life of my most cherished mentor and confidant, my ultimate source of spirit and strength.”

Kennedy said that the death of his father, Sen. Edward Kennedy, last year led to "soul-searching" that ended with his decision to leave public office. However the announcement that he would not seek re-election came soon after the release of poll figures showing that the Rhode Island lawmaker was viewed unfavorably by 56% of the people in his congressional district, and only 35% said that they woud support him for another term.


  1. Staff: could someone list Krestas recommmended books which formed a trilogy of recommended reading for Catholics. One was from Cardinal George. Also a separate list of Kresta recommneded book would be appreciated also.

  2. No family in American history - not the Roosevelt, not the Adams, and certainly not the Bush families - have paid a higher price in the service of the people than the Kennedys. And to be perfectly honest with you, I'm sick and tired of listening to them get kicked around by the clueless right wing.

    It was announced yesterday that Ben Quayle, son of the former vice-president, will be running for congress. We here, at this glorious moment in the history of our great nation, are proud and privileged to bear witness to the birth of the Quayle family political dynasty.

    I need a drink.

    Tom Degan
    Goshen, NY

  3. Tom, what's your argument here with this post? It's a fact-based news piece with no political agenda whatsoever. No commentary. No negative comments about the Kennedy's. Oversensitive much?

  4. RB,

    The three books Al mentions on the program as absolutely necessary for American Catholics to read are
    1) The Difference God Makes by Francis Cardinal George
    2) Render Unto Ceasar by Archbishop Charles Chaput
    3) A Civilization of Love by Carl Anderson

    - Nick Thomm

  5. Thanks for the book list.
    On the TomDegan topic, no reply is necessary.
    People cant you tell when someone is ginning up publicity for their site which supports them through advertising. The guy is a secularist and has not much business here except for self promotion.