Wednesday, February 24, 2010

If you don't know the answer, just say so!!!!

 We're all ignorant, just in different things. So I've never minded ignorant people especially since there are vast areas of knowledge and practice in which I am an ignoramus. So ignorance I don't mind but presumption and arrogance are a different story. Acting as though you know something when you haven't a clue galls me. So do me and the rest of your countrymen a favor: When pollsters ask you a question and you don't know the answer, just say so. Don't pollute the test by pretending. Don't create misimpressions thinking you're impressing the pollster. Maybe it's because I'm so dependent on other people's research, good will and fair mindedness that I get so worked up about this.

A new CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll reveals 74% of Americans  believe that George Washington lied to the public while in office. Why? What's the evidence? Why would I call a man a liar in the absence of any knowledge? How many of those polled even have a clue what issues Washington faced in office? How many of them could accurately even number his terms in office? How many of those polled have ever read an article on the climate of public opinion surrounding Washington during his years in office?

I don't know if George Washington ever lied to the public in office or not. The consensus among historians is that
  • he demonstrated great integrity in his exercise of the public trust.
  • He was aware of his unique position at the start of what he hoped would be a great nation.
  • He stated publicly that religion and morality were the indispensable supports for a just government,
  • He seemed to actually have given some serious thought to philosophy of governance. 
Were those polled so cynical that they assumed that all public figure in all times lie? Or were they more likely to have been wanting to impress the pollster with their sophistication? Ugly, ugly, ugly... Great chance to use this picture though.

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  1. George Washington was the first in a long line of masonic presidents.He placed his hand on the masonic bible,held by his masonic friend,and began to do the bidding of his masonic masters.Every president since has been masonic,especially the two heroes of the American/Protestant/catholic/right,Daddy and boy bush.They have their own agenda,and continue to use the unaware for their own means...elliot