Friday, April 24, 2009

This One Speaks For Itself

Below is an article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Is your job as a reporter to report on the document or to advertise in search of a dissenting opinion and then report on the dissent? How about an ad like this instead: "President Obama pledged to reduce the number of abortions and work with pro-life forces to provide support to those who chose life. If you are a post-abortive woman who regrets her abortion we we'd like to hear your story."

Seeking input: Are you a Catholic who uses Reiki?
The U.S. Conference of Bishops' Committee on Doctrine has dismissed the eastern healing practice of Reiki as superstition and not appropriate for use by Catholic chaplains, hospitals, retreat centers or other institutions.

If you are Catholic and have experienced Reiki, we'd like to hear your story. Contact Annysa Johnson at

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