Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nuns Ruin Women's Sex Lives

Cosmopolitan Magazine's new Executive Editor seems to have little regard for a civil tone - at least when it comes to Catholics. Nicole Beland was asked by a reader in her final "Men's Health" column, "My sexually repressed wife can't even say 'sex' without whispering. How can I help her open up?"

To which Beland replied, "It's not easy to undo damage caused by years of exposure to Catholic-school nuns or overly conservative parents. She may need therapy to accept that sex can be a wholesome and glorious thing . . . Every positive thing you say about sex will undo some of the negativity she's been brainwashed to feel her whole life."

She subsequently got into a war of words with our friend Bill Donohue at the Catholic League. Maybe Ms. Beland needs to read the myriad of studies available that show greater sexual satisfaction in marriages that adhere to Catholic Moral Teaching on matters of sexuality.

"Premarital sexual involvement is also a predictor of lower marital satisfaction (Kelly & Conley, 1998 Larson, 2000; Popenoe & Whitehead, 1999; Waite & Gallagher, 2001). In men, premarital sex even predicts later extramarital sex (O'Connor, 2001). Couples who did not engage in sexual activity before marriage report greater sexual fulfillment after marriage (LaHaye & LaHaye, 1994; Waite & Gallagher, 2000)."

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