Monday, April 20, 2009

New African Bishop Dismisses Condoms

Another Bishop that is Catholic and supports Church teaching. Shocking!!!

Addressing the media for the first time ahead of his consecration as Botswana's Bishop this weekend, Bishop Valentine Seane said, "to use a condom is like replacing self-control, faithfulness...ultimately it (condom) will replace the way you control yourself."

Seane stressed that he will not promote the use of condoms. "The society can do that...we will promote family values...condom is artificial contraceptive...a means to satisfy human greed so that people can have concubines," he said in part.

He also said that there was no condom until 1950, and praised natural family planning methods as the best and appropriate methods of spacing children. "Other gadgets came into being to promote laxity...any time is tea time...if he searches in the pocket and finds a condom, he says it is time..."

This on the heels of Pope Benedict's trip to Africa where he made similar comments regarding the promotion of condom use in Africa.

One need only read the opinion of Harvard scientist Edward C. Green to see that the “current empirical evidence supports” Pope Benedict’s comments on AIDS and condoms.

But I thought that it was the Church that was opposed to science?

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