Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Today on "Kresta in the Afternoon" - September 12, 2012

Talking about the "things that matter most" on Sept. 12

4:00 – A Former Altar Boy on Death Row
Ron Keine refused to become one of those people who find religion in prison on the way to death row. No, he decided, repenting is for the ones who are here for a reason. I have done nothing wrong. Ron felt the justice system was a joke. "Justice was only a word that the court system was using to put four innocent men, myself among them, to death in New Mexico for a murder we did not commit," he said. As the days drew closer to his execution, his faith in God withered. "You did this to me, God!" Ron cried out. "I’m not gonna get on my knees and beg, because I don’t want your help! I am an innocent man!"Ron joins us to tell his story and his path back to God.

4:40 – Kresta Comments: My Evolution of Thought on the Death Penalty

5:00 – Will Many Be Saved?: What Vatican II Actually Teaches and Its Implications for the New Evangelization
The question of whether and how people who have not had the chance to hear the gospel can be saved goes back to the beginnings of Christian reflection. It has also become a much-debated topic in current theology. Ralph Martin is here to discuss it and focus primarily on the history of debate and the development of responses to this question within the Roman Catholic Church, but much of Martin's discussion is also relevant to the wider debate happening in many churches around the world.

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