Monday, June 11, 2012

Poll: 68% want court to void all or part of Obamacare

(USA Today) — While President Obama, Mitt Romney and other politicians anxiously await the Supreme Court's health care ruling, other Americans are rendering their own judgments.

Many have problems with Obama's health care law.

According to a new CBS News/New York Times poll, 41% think the high court should completely overturn the law Obama signed in 2010.

An additional 27% say the justices should strike down only the law's key feature: The individual mandate, the requirement that nearly all Americans buy some form of health insurance. That provision is key to financing the health care plan.

The poll also shows 24% support upholding the health care law in its entirety.

The Supreme Court is expected to hand down a decision later this month.

It is the most anticipated ruling in years, one that may well affect the presidential race between Obama and Romney.

If elected, Romney has vowed to repeal what he calls "Obamacare." Obama says the law will provide insurance to nearly all Americans, and reduce medical costs in the long run.

Not surprisingly, support and opposition to the health care law falls largely along party lines reports CBS News:
The new poll shows that Republicans are much more likely to want the entire law overturned than Democrats, with 67 percent wanting the law to be overturned compared to 20 percent of Democrats.
While 42 percent of Democrats say they want the entire law to be upheld, 42 percent of Independent respondents say they want the Supreme Court to overturn the whole law.
Tea Party supporters are especially likely to want the entire law to be overturned - 70 percent support that.
While a plurality of Americans want the health care law to be overturned, a CBS News/ New York Times Poll conducted in March found some parts of the law are popular: 85 percent said insurance companies should cover people with pre-existing conditions and nearly seven in ten supported children under 26 staying on their parents' health plan.
Still, the requirement that nearly all Americans obtain health insurance was less popular in that poll: 45 percent approved of that, while 51 percent disapproved.

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  1. Hopefully the 24% that want to see the entire law upheld are the same - and only - 24% who will vote for the guy in November.