Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ontario Catholic schools will obey rule requiring gay-straight alliances

(Catholic Culture) After protesting against legislation that will require Catholic schools to recognize “gay-straight alliance” groups, the Catholic bishops of Ontario have announced that they will obey the new law.

After Ontario’s legislature approved the bill over the objections of Church leaders, Cardinal Thomas Collins of Toronto said that parochial schools would comply. The cardinal, along with the Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ Association, had said that the law was an affront to religious freedom.

While noting once again that the bishop had “expressed serious concerns” about the legislation, Cardinal Collins promised, in a mildly worded statement, that “Catholic partners will seek, as we have always done, in a way that is in accord with our faith, to foster safe and welcoming school communities.”

The Catholic bishops and Catholic-school administrators had protested that the bill, which specifically requires schools to allow the formation of groups called "gay-straight alliances," deprives school officials of the authority to approve or disapprove the names of student organizations.

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