Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Want to Protect Our Girls

(The following petition can be found on protectourgirls.com)
I stand with the Protect Our Girls Coalition in calling for an immediate ban on the horrific practice of sex-selection abortion in America.
No girl should be deprived of the chance to be born simply because she is a girl.
Widespread sex-selection by means of abortion, resulting in severe demographic gender imbalance, has increased the global incidence of human trafficking and bride buying, violence against women, and other grave human rights violations.
I call on the United States to join together with the over 30 other countries that have already penalized this unethical and misogynistic practice.
An increasing number of U.S. states have also either passed laws or have called for a sex-selection ban. Clearly, the American people oppose abortion for the sole purpose of eliminating girls.
It is past time to enact nationwide legislation to Protect Our Girls and to send the clear message that each and every girl is welcome, cherished, appreciated and valued in all of our 50 states.
I, ________, want to Protect Our Girls, and I call for a ban on the unethical practice of sex-selection abortion in the United States of America.

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