Monday, June 4, 2012

Argentinean baby girl saved from abortion brings joy to family

(EWTN) — In its June edition, the Argentinean magazine Familia y Vida featured the story of a baby girl who was conceived through rape but spared from abortion, and has become the joy of her family’s home.

The case of Luz Maria stirred the province of Missiones in 2011, as numerous organizations, media outlets and government officials urged that she be aborted because she was the product of rape.

The family, however, resisted pressure to abort Luz Maria.

“For us it was a race against time,” said Julieta Lardies of the Federal Network of Families, which worked to help save the baby’s life. 

“If we had to describe what we went through when this started we would say they were the five most intense days we have ever faced,” she added.

“Given the circumstances, each hour that passed, each minute, could have been decisive for the life of little Luz Maria, who since her mother’s womb was awaiting a death sentence.”

The magazine said Luz Maria’s testimony is essential to pushing back against the implementation of a March 13 Supreme Court ruling allowing abortions to be performed in cases of rape.

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