Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Watch Ted Kennedy Talk About His Catholic Faith

From David Brody at "The Brody File"

No matter what you think of Ted Kennedy or the Kennedy clan or their liberal philosophy, one thing you can't argue about is the fact that Ted Kennedy was one of the most influential Senators of all times. Let's face it. Ted Kennedy has a long list of legislative victories. Read the list here.

Let me touch on something that the mainstream media probably won't. Ted Kennedy was a Catholic and back in 1983, he delivered a speech called, "Faith, Truth and Tolerance in America". The speech was delivered at Jerry Falwell's Liberty Baptist College (now called Liberty University) A 5 minute video clip of the speech is below but you can watch the whole speech here. I have also included key excerpts from the speech to give you a better understanding of how Ted Kennedy viewed his own faith and how it intersected with his political life.

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