Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Did Keith Olbermann Target Sarah Palin for Assassination?

Great piece posted on Newsreal by our friend Dave Forsmark.

Keith Olbermann is worried about “violent” rhetoric, even if it’s in “code.” Unless it comes out of his own mouth, that is.

Last night, MSNBC blowhards Keith Olbermann and Ed Schultz yowled about Joe the Plumber’s blustering after a question about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in which Joe said that when he was a kid, people who lied and stole money usually got taken “behind the woodshed” and “slapped upside the head.”

Shultz called it “dangerous psycho talk,” and said it was particularly bad
at a time when “hate speech is on the rise.”

Olbermann, similarly horrified, brought up Timothy McVeigh and wondered
whether it had ever occurred to Joe that this was “an endorsement of

Last week, in a particularly demented Special Comment, Olbermann called
Sarah Palin a “clear and present danger to the nation.”...

While the phrase “clear and present danger” was first used by Justice
Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. as a legal reason to suppress speech in wartime (and
even to consider it treasonous) today It’s more commonly used as a justification
for lethal force—usually military–against an imminent threat to the nation. John
F. Kennedy famously used it in his speech to the nation at the beginning of the
Cuban Missile Crisis.

One does not have to read between the lines or look for “code” to find a call
for violence there.

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