Thursday, August 6, 2009

Today on Kresta - August 6, 2009

Talking about the "things that matter most" on August 6

Live from the Catholic Marketing Network Convention

3:00 – Testimony – From Hollywood Production to EWTN

You have heard him often on EWTN Global Catholic Radio, but you probably have not heard his story of how he ended up at EWTN after wandering as a “pedestrian” in Hollywood and MN. Thom Price explains.

3:20 – Sacred Heart Apostolate
The Enthronement of the Sacred Heart Apostolate was founded in 1907. It was founded primarily for the benefit of families, but is applicable to any group or institution that desires to enter into an intimate relationship with Jesus through a way of life that honors His most Sacred Heart. Most importantly is the proclamation of a covenant of love with Jesus often expressed as an act of consecration. In reality only God can consecrate, but He respects the words of dedication by the family, individual or institutional leader that proclaim Him as King, Friend and Brother along with the commitment to live out a way of life that honors Him. What does the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart mean? We find out from Fr. William Gaffney of the Sacred Heart Apostolate.

3:40 – The Road to Siena: The Essential Biography of St. Catherine
Catherine of Siena’s influence was felt throughout the kingdoms of Europe. She enjoyed the confidence of popes, royalty, and most of all, the common people of Italy. A complicated woman, she was able to speak bluntly to a queen: “Instead of a woman, you have become the servant and slave of nothingness, making yourself the subject of lies and of the demon who is their father”; and also encourage the wife of a simple tailor: “Clothe yourself in the royal virtues.” Her story is told in a new landmark biography, first published a century ago and praised by Evelyn Underhill as the best modern biography of a saint ever written. Long out of print, this new edition has been slightly abridged and generously supplemented with the reflections of other biographers, historians, and artists—who shed fresh light on what we know about an amazing woman. Editor Jon Sweeney joins us.

4:00 – How to Create Evil Characters if You’re a Good Catholic
As the Catholic Writers’ Guild holds it’s first ever Catholic Writers Conference this week in coordination with the Catholic Marketing Network, we talk with author and speaker Regina Doman. Why do Catholics need contemporary novels that they can call their own, and how can novelists create evil characters as a good Catholic?

4:20 – Teen Idol, to Catholic Musician, to EU Politician
is established as one of Ireland's most successful entertainers, having enjoyed outstanding acclaim through best selling Catholic recordings, top rating television appearances and major headlining concerts both in Ireland and abroad. In addition to continuing her Catholic Music ministry all over the world, in the spring of 2004, Dana became the first woman to be awarded the highly acclaimed San Benedetto Award for her outstanding work in defending life and the family. We talk with her about music, European politics, and testimony.

5:00 – The Catholic Writers’ Guild
The Catholic Writers' Guild, in conjunction with the Catholic Marketing Network, is hosting the Catholic Writers’ Conference LIVE! this week. Panel discussions/workshops and presentations include world building, generating query letters, crafting good stories, marketing finished works, honing speaking skills, and more. Catholic magazines, devotionals, novels and educational materials are incorporated as publishers/editors and authors cover various aspects of Catholic writing. We talk with Karina Fabian and Ann Lewis of the Guild.

5:20 – APA Dismisses Gay-to-Straight Therapy
There is no firm evidence that sexual orientation can be changed through therapy, so mental health professionals should not tell conflicted gay clients that they can become heterosexual with such treatments. That according to the American Psychological Association. Dr. Richard Cohen disagrees and says the evidence is on his side. He joins us.

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