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Today on Kresta - July 23, 2009

Talking about the "things that matter most" on July 23

3:00 – Kresta Comments

3:20 – July 23, 1853: Pope Pius IX names Fr. Frederic Baraga – the “Snowshoe Bishop” to shepherd Upper MI

On this day in 1853, Fr. Frederic Baraga was elevated to bishop by Pope Pius IX. He was the first bishop of the Upper Peninsula of MI. At about this time he began to keep a diary, written in several languages, preserving accounts of his missionary travels and his relationship with his sister Amalia. During this time, the area experienced a population explosion, as immigrants arrived to work in the copper and iron mines. This presented a challenge, since he had few priests, and would now have to tend to the needs of the miners and the native population. On the other hand, it signaled the increased development of the area, particularly improving travel on Lake Superior. Nonetheless, the only way to travel in winter was on snowshoes, which he continued to manage into his sixties. We look at the life and missionary activities of Bishop Baraga with Franciscan Fr. Al Langheim.

3:40 – Suspended priest will run for presidency in Philippines
A suspended Catholic priest has announced his plan to run for the presidency of the Philippines. Eddie Panlilio currently serves as governor of the Pampagna province; he was suspended from priestly ministry when he launched his campaign for that office, in violation of the Church's ban on partisan political involvement of clergy. Panlilio has taken the odd position that he wishes to be dispensed from his priestly obligations, and feels that God has called him to political life, yet he will return to ministry if his political campaign fails. We look at the canon law with Ed Peters.

4:00 – Kresta Comments

4:20 – Life Without Lawyers: Liberating Americans from Too Much Law
In his latest prescriptive survey of American law abuse and its consequences, Philip Howard shows us one ghastly anecdote after another demonstrating how the justice system hinders freedom and confounds Americans who simply want to do the right thing. Either through litigation or the fear of it, Howard argues, we've ceded our everyday decision-making to the lawyers, resulting in everything from "no running on the playground" signs to a 5-year-old handcuffed at school by police; from diminishing health care quality and spiraling costs to doctors afraid of discussing treatments among themselves over email. We look at how to liberate America from too much law.

5:00 – Divorced. Catholic. Now What?
Divorce is hard. And despite the Catholic Church's teaching against divorce, Catholics divorce at the same rate as the rest of society. Especially for Catholics, divorce is a complicated issue that is hard on spouses, children, family and friends – it affects us all. When a Roman Catholic experiences divorce, there is much confusion over just what the annulment process is and what it's significance is, as well as other issues that create uncertainty, such as being able to receive Communion, what the Catholic Church's views on dating are, and certainly the issue of remarriage. But most importantly, Catholic men and women struggle to find support and healing from divorce. Lisa Duffy has suffered through the pain of being a divorced Catholic and knew that after seven years intense struggle, spiritual growth, personal triumphs, and finally remarriage in the Church and the birth of three miracle children, her one desire was to help others who were suffering find hope and healing. She is the co-author of, Divorced. Catholic. Now What? Navigating Your Life After Divorce and joins us to discuss the opportunity for a tremendous healing experience, no matter how long it's been since a divorce and what the family and friends of a divorcee can do to aid the process.

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  1. Wonderful! Bishop Baraga was a wonderful Michigander, Priest and Missionary! I love driving by his shrine, and I hope he makes it to sainthood.