Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cronkite in 1965: "As long as the abortion laws remain unchanged, abortion will continue to be a critical problem."

Famed CBS news anchor Walter Cronkite has been lauded in the media since his death on Friday, at the age of 92, with tributes paid not only from secular media, but even Vatican Radio and other Christian news sources.

But while remembered by many as "the most trusted man in America," many of Cronkite's more radical, but lesser known views, would be considered repugnant even to many of his greatest fans.

In 1965, before abortion was made legal in the U.S., Cronkite made CBS the first network in America to feature a documentary on abortion when he hosted the hour-long episode of CBS Reports entitled 'Abortion and the Law'.

Watch the report below and remember - this was 1965.

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  1. What a hack job – Cronkite’s propaganda on abortion!

  2. Very interesting but I can't believe that no
    one ever mentioned adoption. All thought was put on the woman and her not wanting another pregnancy for whatever reason. No thought, accept one doctor who opposed abortion, was put on the fetus/baby for an alternative to terminating the pregnancy. Very one sided reporting but I am used to that these days.
    Nancy Bowen

  3. you expect that guy to be smart. this is kind of a shock