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Today on Kresta - May 8, 2009

Talking about the "things that matter most" on May 8

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3:20 – Angels of God: The Bible, the Church and the Heavenly Hosts

Angels are everywhere. As a matter of fact, they are right at your side – right now. Forget the sweet-faced cherubs of popular culture, however, and brace yourself for a far more potent reality: powerful heavenly beings who play a significant role in the personal drama of daily life - your life. Drawing on Scripture (where angels appear often, carrying out crucial tasks), the words of the Saints and Church teaching, Mike Aquilina shows how developing our fellowship with the angels is not an ornament on our religion, it's a life skill.

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4:20 – Prominent Legionairre Defects

Fr. Thomas Berg, prominent priest of the Legion of Christ and Executive Director of the New York-based Westchester Institute for Ethics and the Human Person, has announced that he will be leaving the Legion to join the Archdiocese of New York and will continue his ministry as the head of the institute. The name of Marcial Maciel now seems destined to become a byword for duplicity and manipulation of the most craven and cynical kind. In the wake of Maciel’s disgrace, a lively debate has ensued over the future of the religious congregation that he founded. Some charge that the Legion of Christ is bound so inextricably to the persona of its founder that the congregation cannot continue and must be suppressed or merged into another order or congregation. However, defenders of the Legion and its associated lay organization Regnum Christi argue against suppression, pointing to their good works and the undoubted existence of many faithful members who played no part in the Maciel fraud. We take the opportunity to examine – with canon lawyer Michael Dunnigan - theological and canonical reflections on religious life in view of the Maciel disgrace.

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  1. Hi Al,

    In light of the topic of the last hour Fr Maciel and the possible suppression of the Legionaries of Christ…. do you feel the National Catholic Register has been silent and closed their ears/eyes on the issue a little too much.

    Yes I know they own the newspaper, but I feel it’s no longer journalism when you screen and filter such a huge topic as this.