Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Today on Kresta - May 27, 2009

Talking about the "things that matter most" on May 27

Live From the Religious Booksellers Trade Exhibit in Chicago

3:00 –Kresta Comments on Pentecost

3:40 – The Beatitudes for Children

When it comes to growing closer to God, kids (and adults) have no better teacher than Jesus. His eight Beatitudes are a positive, proactive guide for kids to love and serve the Lord as they mature in their understanding of their faith. In a great new book by Donna Piscitelli and Rosemary Gortler, each Beatitude is coupled with a kid-sized explanation that makes it easy for them to relate to these powerful statements. A family interaction page follows, featuring real-life applications that kids and their parents can participate in so the whole family is inspired to apply the Lord's instructions to their lives.

4:00 – Living the Lord’s Prayer
Father Albert Haase
is here to follow the lines of the Lord's Prayer, showing how the ideas have been understood by great people of faith, including Francis of Assisi, Martin Luther, Therese of Lisieux and others, and revealing how God can use this ancient prayer to transform your very soul and teach you to walk in the way of a true disciple of Christ.

4:20 – The Catholic Vision for Living Like Jesus
Each of us is not only called to be a leader, but we are all leaders by default. How effective are you at making a positive impact on the people around you? Discover the power of Christ's personal and practical example and make a measurable difference in the lives of those around you -- at home, at work, in the community or in your parish. Transform your leadership style in light of Jesus' compelling combination of servant, steward, and shepherd. Dr. Owen Phelps will be our guest.

4:40 – What Your Money Means
Countless books tell you how to make money: only this one turns to the wisdom of the ages to illuminate for you the reasons you have money in the first place, and the role it’s meant to play in your life and in the lives of others. Here, American Catholic entrepreneur and philanthropist Frank Hanna introduces us to a lean, no-nonsense explanation of the meaning of money, and a guide for dealing with it constructively.

5:00 – Ancient Christian Devotional: A Year of Weekly Readings: Lectionary Cycle C
By allowing us to read holy writings with ancient eyes, the church fathers help us drink deeply from the only water that can give us true life. A follow-up to the previous Ancient Christian Devotional, which follows lectionary cycle A, this devotional guide follows lectionary cycle C, which begins in Advent 2009. This guide to prayer and reflection combines excerpts from the writings of the church fathers as found in the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture with a simple structure for daily or weekly reading and prayer. Editor Cindy Crosby is with us.

5:20 – Continuing to Unravel Sonia Sotomayor
With Judge Sonia Sotomayor already facing questions over her 60 percent reversal rate, the Supreme Court could dump another problem into her lap next month if, as many legal analysts predict, the court overturns one of her rulings upholding a race-based employment decision. Meanwhile, Nancy Keenan at NARAL has sent an email to members expanding on her previous public statement on Obama's nominee to the Supreme Court. She also asks NARAL supporters to contact Senators demanding specific questions of the nominee on Roe. Paul Kengor is with us to discuss the nominee.

5:40 – Longing for God
Is your soul yearning to taste God's goodness? Offering a classical model of spiritual formation, Richard Foster introduces us to seven devotional paths illustrated by Thomas Merton, Blaise Pascal, Julian of Norwich, John Wesley, and other key Christian figures. Discover how to experience the spiritual life as journey, deepen your friendship with Jesus, and more.

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