Friday, May 1, 2009

Obama, Catholics and the Latest Numbers

There is a lot of mixed news in the new Pew Research Center poll on Obama and Catholics, but one significant stat shows that weekly attending white Catholics are noticeably more negative toward Obama's performance compared with earlier this year. In fact, a plurality of this group (45%) now disapproves of the job Obama is doing, more than double the figure in February (20%). And weekly attending white Catholics now express significantly lower approval of Obama's job performance compared with their less-observant counterparts (43% vs. 63%). Can anyone say NOTRE DAME??? I highly recommed you read the report. Lots of interesting information that we will be pursuing next week on the show. I'll leave it at that and call it a tease. :)


  1. Hi Al and company,

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  2. Al, although your tease puts a positive spin on the pew pole, to me, the pole shows Catholics going from the bottom of the gutter to the middle of the gutter. But they are STILL IN THE GUTTER. I apparently live in a vacuum with Catholic Radio, ETWN on the TV, homeschooling and our fellowship in the Dayton Catholic Home school group. I am shocked to learn that so many of my fellow Catholic brethren have apparently not even picked up and read the $8 Catechism of the Catholic Church. A simple read really and provides clear and concise teaching. And easy expansion into the Compendium and other areas lead to great growth and exploration. How sad of times these are. I know you feel they are exciting as we have 50+ bishops publicly speaking out, however, where is the faithful when the majority think this president going to ND is okay and not a scandal. I ask, what has he done in 100 days to receive an honor of any kind and how can any Catholic University honor someone that holds the #1 social moral teaching of the Catholic Church in such strong opposition. Where has our catechesis gone? How do we get our brethren to read, learn, discern, and engage! A sadden and frequent listener from Urbana, OH - NV