Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Today on "Kresta in the Afternoon" - January 21

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on January 21

4:00 – Russia warns Ukraine 'out of control' after new violence: Christians in Peril
Less than 72 hours after Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych seemed to back off from his Ministry of Culture’s threat to decertify the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and put this largest of the Eastern Catholic Churches in legal limbo, the Yanukovych-controlled Ukrainian parliament, on January 16, rammed through eleven new laws aimed at curbing, and eventually crushing, the EuroMaidan civic-renewal movement, muzzling its calls for political and economic reform by constraining the movement’s exercise of basic civil liberties. Meanwhile, today Russia warned the situation in Ukraine was spiralling out of control after a second night of violent clashes between pro-EU protesters and security forces in the centre of Kiev. We talk to George Weigel who has been following and writing about this dire situation for months.

4:40 – Blinded By the Light
The Director of Evangelization for the Diocese of Lansing, Craig Pohl, is here to give his powerful testimony. He says that at a pivotal point in his life he was "Blinded by the Light." He tells his story.

5:00 – Kresta in the Afternoon

5:20 – Deep in the Wave: A Surfing Guide to the Soul
For world-class surfer Bear Woznick, the ocean has always been the center of his universe. He's spent his entire life with it; riding its waves, learning from it, loving it. The ocean also nourishes the soul as Bear shows us on his surfboard. From the way a surfboard is painstakingly crafted, to the faith and patience that is required to ride a monster wave, Woznick weaves his relationship to surfing with his relationship to God, relating how the two are often one in the same. Instead of standing on the shore with our toes in the surf, Woznick takes us on the board--to the deep water--to watch and wait--and, if need be, to paddle hard to survive.

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