Saturday, May 18, 2013

No union backing for lesbian teacher dismissed at Catholic school

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Carla Hale
CWN - May 14, 2013
A lesbian teacher who lost her job at a Catholic school in Ohio after revealing her lesbian partnership will not be receiving support from the local teachers' union. Carla Hall, who is seeking reinstatement as a physical-education teacher, has revealed that the Central Ohio Association of Catholic Educators will not take up her case. She has also filed a complaint with the city of Columbus, saying that she was fired because of her sexual orientation. Hale's case may not be covered by the city's anti-discrimination law, however, because the government has traditionally allowed religious groups wide latitude to set their own standards for ministers and church personnel. The Columbus diocese has stated that by revealing her lesbian partnership, Hale violated the terms of employment for Catholic-school teachers, which require respect for Church teachings. 

Supporters of lesbian teacher may boycott diocesan fund drive

CWN - May 02, 2013
Supporters of a lesbian schoolteacher who was dismissed from her post at an Ohio Catholic school have threatened to organize a boycott of an annual appeal from the Diocese of Columbus. Backers of Carla Hale, who was a physical-education teacher at Bishop Watterson High School, are pressing Bishop Frederick Campbell of Columbus to reinstate her. The bishop has said that Hale’s “quasi-spousal relationship” was a violation of the terms of her employment as a Catholic-school teacher. In a report publicizing the plans to boycott the bishop’s annual appeal, the Columbus Dispatch notes that last year the collection drew support from 24,000 households. The newspaper quotes two people who plan to boycott the collection this year—including one who had already stopped contributing before the Hale controversy arose.


  1. The Bishop acknowledges Hale's relationship as "quasi-spousal". . . this is some kind of progress! The Bishop sees that this relationship goes beyond "friendship," the word used by Al Kresta when he wishes to limit the significance of the romantic love between gays.

  2. I don't think it was wrong for the catholic institution to fire someone who was clearly not following the ethics of the catholic church. What Catholic would want their children taught in such an institution by a person who makes it very obvious that they are committing what is considered a major sin in the church? You may not like it but this is what should be expected of a Catholic or Christian organization