Thursday, May 23, 2013

IRS: 'Please Detail the Content of Your Members' Prayers.'

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By Jim Geraghty
Today’s hearing on IRS abuses had a lot of “are you kidding me?” moments, but this one stands out:

“It would surprise me that that question was asked,” acting commissioner Steven Miller tells Representative Aaron Schock, Republican of Illinois.
UPDATE: Chris Moody at Yahoo has the IRS letter and responses that began this line of inquiry: “Please explain how all of your activities, including the prayer meetings held outside of Planned Parenthood, are considered educational as defined under 501(c)(3).”
Among the other questions the IRS posed to the Iowa Coalition for Life: “You stated that you sponsored a Forum on Stem Cells, End of Life Decisions and a possible forum on Contraception. Please describe in detail the information provided at each of these forums.”


  1. Al, I believe I was targeted personally by IRS and knew it last year after I filed for 2011 and got a letter stating IRS "reviewed" my 2009 taxes for unknown reasons and decided I didn't qualify after all for first time homebuyer credit I had received when I moved back home in '09, but I did qualify according to my tax lady when I filed that year. We researched it before I deducted the credit. Cooncidentally, in 2011 I really put myself out pubically by joining my local Tea Party and giving to political campaigns. Additionally, most of my deductions were for Catholic and pro-life organizations. From the government's own website I did qualify for that credit and the form explaining the parameters to get the credit was still posted on website when I got the shocking bill. Nonetheless I was advised by a tax attorney to just pay them because fighting it would only bring more harrassment and scrutiny from IRS in the future, so I caved and payed it. That $6K tax credit (which I clearly was entitled to) cost me over $15K after they added fees, penalties and interest. IRS confiscated my 2011 refund and I had to send a couple thousand more just to make the whole nightmare stop because they kept adding more fees and interest every 2 weeks. I never did get an agent to give me any answers/assistance and was told things like "I don't work on matters regarding the homebuyers credit. You'll have to talk to another IRS agent who might know more than me. Call back another time." Sue Noon


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