Friday, October 19, 2012

Cardinal Dolan Speech At The Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner


  1. It does not matter what the Cardinal said to the major part of the population.

    The NY Times, LA Times etc show pictures of the Cardinal yukking it up with Obama - a man who not only supports abortion and contraception but wants Catholics to help pay for it. This is indeed a SCANDAL, and the Cardinal knew it would be.

    OBAMA is the most evil President we have ever had. Working for ABORTION for convenience in the USA and at the United Nations; EUTHANASIA by fining hospitals for re-admitting Seniors only; working for HOMO-SEXUAL MARRIAGE not only in the military but throughout society; and against our FREEDOM of RELIGION.

    We must rememeber that Obama is reponsibile for

    Now, I do not doubt for a second that Cardinal Dolan had the best of intentions in extending an invitation to the Al Smith Dinner to President Obama. It’s just that many sons and daughters of the Church, the very same Catholics who want the Bishops of these United States to succeed in their mission, are wondering when diplomacy becomes a fault. They ask: Is martyrdom irrelevant now? Is there ever a reason to stand up and be counted? Is there ever a justification for drawing the line in the sand? Is there ever a reason to publicly rebuke and discipline an obstinate sinner of high public profile? After all, Jesus did. The Apostles did. The Fathers of the Church did. The Saints did.

    Moreover, does not the same Catholic Hierarchy hold up these pastors as models to imitate? If so, then why not learn from their example? To be sure, Cardinal Dolan and the U.S. Bishops have not been silent as to the injustices of the contraceptive mandate. But when the public perceives silence, relucatance or weakness on the part of any Catholic in our current situation, then it only encumbers the mission of the Church in defedning her religious liberties.