Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bishop Boyea on Stand Up for Religious Freedom rally

The following was sent to our local pro-life people, reminding us of the Stand Up for Religious Freedom rally this coming Saturday. We are posting it here because of our bishop's comments. We wanted to share it with you, and encourage you to attend this Saturday's rally in your hometown. Read on....
Bishop Earl Boyea, of Lansing, Michigan
"Hi Friends of Life and Religious Liberty!

In just six short days people of faith and no faith, will be attending the Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rallies nationwide. In Ann Arbor we will be meeting at Concordia University on Saturday, Oct. 20 at 12:00 noon. (Flyer attached with more info, pre-rally Prayer Service). Throughout this week please pray for the reversal of the HHS Mandate. See Prayer to Stop the HHS Mandate at bottom.
People of all faiths are taking this very seriously! The following is Bishop Boyea’s response to my invitation to speak at the Ann Rally.
From Bishop Earl Boyea, Sept 29, 2012 (Catholic Diocese of Lansing): Dear Sandie, thanks for the invite but I will be at Cotton Prison that morning and I am never sure of that schedule and how long it will all take. As a result I do not want to rush them as it has been a couple of years since I have been there. Please know however of my prayers. Greet all there for me and tell them that I hope someone will visit me when I am in prison when the restrictions on religious freedom are simply too grave.
Add’l voices on the HHS Mandate!
Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, Philadelphia: “While Americans presume that the Constitution guarantees their rights, in practice our rights survive or disappear based on how firmly we defend them.”
Southern Baptist Convention: "The Obama administration has declared war on religion and freedom of conscience. We consider this callous requirement by the Obama Administration to be a clear violation of our nation's commitment to liberty of conscience and a flagrant violation of our constitutional protection to freedom of religion."
Galen Carey, National Assn for Evangelicals, Vice President for Government Relations:
“Freedom of conscience is a sacred gift from God, not a grant from the state. No government has the right to compel its citizens to violate their conscience. The HHS rules trample on our most cherished freedoms and set a dangerous precedent.”

God our Father,

You are the author of Liberty. You created each human being
in Your own image and likeness, and bestowed upon each person
a dignity that nobody can take away. You are the defender of our freedom,
a freedom by which we seek you, and seek to be faithful to Your law.

At this time of our history, we ask You to protect the freedom You have given us
and to defend our dignity. Give us the grace to speak up
on behalf of conscience, and the freedom to live out our faith
no matter what the cost.

Give to each person and to our public officials
the grace to respect each person's freedom of conscience and
religion. We pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Sandie Weathers
Stand Up For Religious Freedom
Ann Arbor Rally Captain"

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