Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Today on "Kresta in the Afternoon" - July 31, 2012

Talking about the "things that matter most" on July 31

Special Broadcast of Interviews from the Napa Institute Conference

4:00 – Catholic Education in America: Where Do We Go From Here?
Frank Hanna is CEO of Hanna Capital in Atlanta, Georgia. He was instrumental in the formation of three new Catholic schools in Atlanta, Georgia at a time when so many Catholic schools are closing. But that’s not where he is stopping. He has a vision – and a plan – for Catholic education in America: Where do we go from here?

4:20 – Advocating for Children in Today’s Culture and Political Atmosphere
For years, Elizabeth Yore worked as the chief legal officer for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in Alexandria, Va. During her time there, she created an international division which was among the first to use Internet technology to solve crimes and locate missing children. Yore also directed the Internet Child Exploitation Division and used her expertise to counsel several European governments. Hwe next career stop was with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services where she had 50,000 children in state care through foster parents. She says this work gave her a deeper understanding of the devastating impact of abuse and neglect on children — usually occurring at the hands of family members or close friends. We talk to Elizabeth about protecting children in the modern age.

5:00 – St. Augustine Larger than Life in 'Restless Heart'
St. Augustine of Hippo is one of the Christian world's most beloved and well-known saints. However, his amazing conversion and heroic life have not been told on the big screen ... until now. Ignatius Press has announced the forthcoming release of Restless Heart: The Confessions of Augustine. This major motion picture is available now for sponsored theatrical screenings across the country. Individuals, parishes, church groups or other organizations can bring this epic film to their towns beginning immediately. Ignatius Press President Mark Brumley is here to talk about it.

5:20 – Apologetics as the Foundation of the New Evangelization
In his encyclical letter Redemptoris Missio (On the Church's Missionary Mandate), Pope John Paul II wrote, "I sense that the moment has come to commit all of the Church's energies to a new evangelization..." This heartfelt prediction, repeated again and again by our Holy Father, can be clearly seen in the welcome renaissance of Catholic apologetics. Fr. Robert Spitzer is here to look at apologetics as the foundation of the New Evangelization.

5:40 – Religious Freedom Internationally and At Home
Bringing North Americans into partnership with the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) is the mission of the Ukrainian Catholic Education Foundation, founded in 1997. UCU is the only Catholic university on the territory of the former Soviet Union, a center for educational reform that forms leaders to serve to defend the dignity of the human. Fr. Borys Gudziak joins us to discuss the amazing history of the Church in the Ukraine.

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