Friday, July 20, 2012

Student on Cross-Country Pro-Life Tour Killed, Hit by Vehicle

(Lifesitenews) A pro-life student who was part of a pro-life cross-country walk was killed this morning when he was hit by a car. Andrew Moore was a student at Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, California who was a part of the Crossroads tour.

At the time of his death, Moore, a Catholic, was reportedly praying the rosary.

Moore was  participating in the Crossroads Walk Across America — five separate, simultaneous journeys of college students traversing the U.S. and Canada in defense of the unborn. A rising junior from Concord, California, Moore was part of the Central Walk, which began in San Francisco on May 19 and will conclude in Washington, D.C., on August 9.

On the group’s website, Moore, 20, talked about why he joined the Crossroads tour.

“I heard about Crossroads from (Jason Handcock, a Crossroads director) when he gave a talk at Thomas Aquinas College. I had already been involved in the pro-life movement for several years: when I am at home I pray in front of the local abortion mill almost every day, and try to speak to the people going in,” he said.

Moore added, “Crossroads sounded like a good way to serve God and help His children. Having hardly ever left California and my sedate suburban life I was also interested in seeing the country, meeting new good people, and just doing something crazy! I have been considering a vocation to the priesthood for some time and Crossroads is a great way to work on my discernment: prayer, sacrifice, and separation from the distractions of the world.”

Accompanied by a chaplain to provide spiritual assistance and an RV carrying supplies, the 12 walkers steadily work their way across the country, day and night, five days a week, usually in 15-mile shifts. They attend Mass daily and pray rosaries for the unborn as they walk. On weekends they stop at local parishes to bear witness to the culture of life and to raise funds for their journey. They will collectively walk about 3,000 miles and pass through 12 states. Upon arriving in Washington, they will participate in the Pro-life Rally at the U.S. Capitol on August 11.


  1. I met a walk leader recently at church. Everyone in the congregation at St. Margaret Mary in Slidell, Louisiana was so impressed by the speaker for the walkers. He explained their mission and asked for contributions to defray costs of lodging, meals, water etc. After church the leader was at a small table in the vestibule and we couldn't get near him. The collection basket at his table overflowed with very generous contributions. I was only able to shake his hand and wish him good luck. I heard the news about this young mans death yesterday at mass. What a great group of kids and the student hit must be in the Kingdom of God. Yes, life is a trial and journey. A very short one compared to what our God has in store for us. "Eye has not seen nor ear heard the wonders that our Lord has in store for us"

  2. For all those still walking God bless you and may St.Raphael "Protector Of Travelers" protect you. Keep up the good witness.

  3. Laying down one's life for the unborn. What more could our God expect of his followers. All walkers let this mans short life be a shining example of the love God has given us, His children. Another St. Margaret Mary, Slidell, Louisiana parishioner.