Monday, April 4, 2011

Today on Kresta - April 1, 2011

Talking about the "things that matter most" on April 1

4:00 – Thirty Years Ago: When President Reagan Was Shot
On March 30, 1981, Ronald Reagan, president for merely 10 weeks, stepped outside the Washington Hilton. What happened next was an image millions would soon witness on their TV screens: America’s 40th president raised his arm to ward off a question from a reporter and then, seconds later, bullets crackled the air. Yet, there was one image we never saw, which Ronald Reagan privately shared several times in the days to come, always with sources he knew to be devoutly religious: his son, Michael; his new pastor at the National Presbyterian Church, Louis Evans; and, among others, some high-profile Catholics—Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II, New York’s Terence Cardinal Cooke. The Cooke moment was particularly poignant. It was Good Friday, April 1981, and Reagan sensed a feeling of rebirth. He was certain his life had been spared for a special purpose, one that, he discerned, struck at the epicenter of the Cold War conflict: the epic battle against atheistic communism. Paul Kengor tells the story.

4:20 – Why Stay Catholic?: Unexpected Answers to a Life-changing Question
Scandals in the Catholic Church won t go away. The same, uninspiring sermons keep coming. Lay people, who wonder where the beef in Catholicism has gone, are left hungering for something more. In light of all this, it s no wonder that so many Catholics are asking, What’s so great about this Church anyway?, which leads them to the greater question, Why stay Catholic? Michael Leach offers surprising, inspiring, and timely answers to this life-changing question.

5:00 – “The Myth of Religious Tolerance”
Religious Freedom – It’s a topic on many people’s minds as reports come in that 2010 was the bloodiest year for Christians in decades. Persecution is rampant across the Middle East and elsewhere. Fr. Thomas Williams, LC has written an article entitled “The Myth of Religious Freedom is which her that a respect for religious freedom stands head and shoulders above a supposed tolerance for religious belief — with the relativism, indifference, and subtle disdain for religion it so often comprises. He is here.

5:30 - Raising Good Kids: Back to Family Basics
Everything You Wanted to Know About Parenting You Already Know. If the last thing you need is another parenting book, Raising Good Kids: Back to Family Basics is the parenting book for you. Tell-it-like-it-is radio host Dr. Ray Guarendi is a firm believer that the secret of good parenting isn't about knowing what to do. It's doing what you already know. With examples from his own experience as a father of 10, insight from his years as a clinical psychologist and radio host, as well as a healthy sense of self-depreciating humor, Guarendi provides a practical outlook that can help other dads and moms identify and follow through with the basic building blocks of successful parenting. He joins us.

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  1. Re: God Saved Ronald Reagan

    Poor George. That's George H. W. Bush of course. Had God not saved Ronaldus Maximus 30 years ago, we might still be dealing with the Soviet Union. That's because Poor George would have become president. And if that had happened, Patrick Moynihan's January 1980 prediction that the Soviet Union would not survive the decade would not have come true.

    Only the invincible mighty Maximus could fulfill God's providence and manifest His glory. No other man or method would do.

    God bless Paul Kengor.