Monday, April 25, 2011

Philly Priests Sent Bogus Survey

The Greater Philadelphia chapter of Voice of the Faithful is the subject of this commentary by Catholic League president Bill Donohue:

"Voice of the Faithful is a dissident Catholic group that has now launched an agenda to manipulate priests and the public in the Philadelphia area. It recently sent a letter to the 900-plus priests in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia asking them to agree with its position that Pennsylvania lawmakers should abolish the statute of limitations for sexual abuse, opening a two-year window for civil suits.

"The letter by Marita Green of the Steering Committee has the audacity to say that supporting its position is a "measure of integrity." Included is a "survey" which asks priests whether they agree with its stance. To top things off, it explicitly says that "the number [of postcards] that are not returned will be recorded as votes against abolishing the statute-of-limitations shield."

"How cute. If priests do not agree with those whose goal it is to selectively bankrupt the archdiocese for incidents that allegedly occurred decades ago, they are to be branded heartless. That's what this is all about. Voice of the Faithful is deliberately trying to engineer this "survey" so that it can go to the media "demonstrating" how few priests of "integrity" there are in the Philadelphia area. But it won't work—the Catholic League has already sabotaged this effort.

"After a priest sent us the correspondence from Voice of the Faithful last week, we mailed the 900-plus priests in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia a letter designed to short-circuit this agenda (click here). We are happy to report that several priests left messages on our answering machine over the weekend, and faxed us letters commending us for our work.

"Catholics were rightfully angry when they learned about the sexual abuse scandal a decade ago. But now their anger is turning on those whose passion for revenge has nothing to do with justice; it's all about settling old scores. We will fight these demagogues to the end."


  1. No, this is shocking. It's a shame that AMR isn't permitted to even mention it on the air: But then again, the truth doesn't really fit the narrative, does it?

  2. Doug, All I can say is that I would love for people to watch this interview so that they realized how INCREDIBLY misleading the title is. Bill Donohue in no way said that child rape victims are gold-diggers. He presents the FACTS.

    - Nick

  3. Nick, at 2:18 who are "a lot of these people" that Mr. Donohue was referring to? He spends a lot of time complaining about how the report breaks down the different kinds of abuse even though it was authored as a comprehensive report addressing all forms of abuse, and then attempts to trivialize and marginalize anything not involving actual penetration. His course of arguing clearly demonstrates that he had two goals:
    1. Portray victims of abuse as gold-digging whores, and;
    2. Promote the idea that anything not involving actual penetration isn't REALLY abuse.

    Heck with it, it's public domain. Put it on the air. I believe one of the gentlemen interviewing Mr. Donohue has already been a guest on Al's show. If you really believe Donohue's presenting facts and isn't yet another "orthodox" Catholic propagandist claiming that what happened didn't really happen , put it on the air. Full length, uncut. Put it on the air.