Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kresta Blog on Hiatus

Over the next two weeks the "Kresta in the Afternoon" blog will be on hiatis as we celebrate Christmas. The program has begun our annual countdown of the top interviews of 2010, and will reach it's peak on Dec. 31 with the top 5. So tune in and enjoy the best we had to offer over the last year and be with on live on Jan. 3. You can also keep up with the countdown at http://www.avemariaradio.net/ in the Kresta Guest Archives. Merry Christmas and God's blessings!!!


  1. How can I realistically order 'Best of Kresta' CD's if you wont even catalouge them here?

  2. See what misspelling "Hiatus" has rendered? Now it's "catalouge" for pite's sake.

  3. Sorry about my typo. Seems with advancing age you make more typing and spelling errors. Looks like you will have at least a few years more of entertainment compliments of my dwindling years.

  4. Listened to the Medjugorje Show, Patrick Madrid vs. Father Buchlein. Best 2010 #3

    The idea that those jokes present a scandal is a bit far fetched.
    I balance myself on the top of a coin balanced on end. I am neither pro or con medjugorje. I believe that the Medjugorje phenomena fits in with Catholic escatological ideas of this time being one of the end of an era-- a small chastistement, although none of us will experience it as small, by no means. I am hopeful that the BVM is reaching out to us. I believe that the visionaries are being visited by spirits (could be evil ones) and that they arent making this up. I also believe that in these evil pagan times(paganism II, not casting an aspersion to Vatican II, definetly not!) that the power of the devil is also magnified by so many faithful adherents and clueless children of this age. Be careful!

    Hope my essay passes your spelling review this time Doug.

  5. Anonymous,

    1. Should be "neither pro nor con Medjugorje," not "neither pro or con medjugorje."
    2. Should be "eschatological," not "escatological."
    3. Should be "chastisement", not "chastistement."
    4. Should be "aren't," not "arent."
    5. Should be "definitely," not "definetly."

    I have one question about your education, Anonymous: Government school or Catholic school?

  6. See what misspelling "Hiatus" has rendered? Now it's "catalouge" for pite's sake.

    Who or what is "pite"?