Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Apple pulls Manhattan Declaration iPhone app over same-sex marriage opposition

Most of our liseners are well aware of and proud supporters of the Manhattan Declaration. One of the prime leaders of this effort is a Robert George - a friend and frequent guest of ours. Well, now Apple has pulled the Manhattan Declaration iPhone/iPad application from the iTunes Store following complaints over the ecumenical initiative’s opposition to same-sex so-called marriage. This initiative has been supported by hundreds of thousands across America and beyond, but a handful of gay activists who have an axe to grind seem to have been able to force Apple's hand. Below is a statement from the leaders of the Manhattan Declaration:

To Manhattan Declaration Signers,

Some of you may be aware by now that Apple has removed the Manhattan Declaration iPhone/iPad application from the iTunes Store. This happened some time over the Thanksgiving holiday.

The Manhattan Declaration app was accepted by Apple and rated as a 4+, meaning it contained no objectionable material. Yet Apple pulled the app shortly after a small but very vocal protest by those who favor gay marriage and abortion. These groups claim that the Manhattan Declaration promotes “homophobia” and that its supporters are “anti-gay.”

For Clarity
We emphasize with great sincerity that “disagreement” is not “gay-bashing.” Anyone who takes the time to read the Manhattan Declaration can see that the language used to defend traditional marriage, the sanctity of human life, and religious liberty is civil, non-inflammatory, and respectful.

The Manhattan Declaration clearly calls its signers to reject “disdainful condemnation” of those who disagree and declares that all people are worthy of respect, because all are loved by God.

Recent Developments
We are urging Apple to restore the App, and have written to Steve Jobs. We will update you with developments as they arise.

What you can do to help
Our most recent updates will be communicated through social media. As such, we would love for you to write about this on Facebook and link to this page. If you aren’t already following us, CLICK HERE and become a Fan. Additionally, if you use Twitter, please follow our updates via @ManhattanDec and use the hashtag #mdec whenever you mention this story.

We are also calling on all bloggers to help us share this story with your readers. All we ask is that—in the spirit of the Manhattan Declaration--you keep the dialogue “civil, non-inflammatory, and respectful.”

If you blog on this, please let us know through social media or by email ( and we will be sure to help our readers find it.

Stay tuned for more...


  1. Mr. Kresta,

    I'm a blogger for Manhattan Declaration. Thanks for covering this! We need supporters to help us get this app back. We're hoping that with enough support we can do just that.

    Thanks again!


  2. So, what can "We the People" do to help?

  3. +

    How can we protest?

  4. Someone very close to me is gay, and she and I know that we aren't going to agree on many items in the gay activists' agenda, but we still have good fellowship and love each other dearly. Disagreement can happen without strife and hatred, right?

  5. Steve Jobs' direct fax number is 408-974-2483


    Sign the petition here. This link was found on Manhattan Declaration's Facebook page. The original petition site is having trouble.

  7. Why are people creating a rift, where there used to be a very tolerant atmosphere. Truth is truth, call spade a spade. Marriage is man and women. And same sex union can coin another term for it. That way it doesn't confuse people.