Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cartoon of the Day - Learn How to Draw the Pope

I am not sure the intent of the cartoonist in releasing this piece, but I think it is a good argument for the narrow-mindedness of the mainstream media. As Al has been arguing for years, it's a problem of "sameness of worldview." There are only so many stories out there about the Church (or the Pope). They all fit into nice little packages. So I would argue that this cartoon demonstrates the narrow interest in Church matters. There are a limited number of images of the Pope in the mainstream media's imagination. And you can see them below.

UPDATE: So it appears that this cartoonist is a bit of a jackass when it comes to the Church, but that doesn't change my argument that it is a good example of how the media caricature the Church. It's pathetic.


  1. Well, I went to the artists' website to see if this was intended to be good or bad. The first thing I saw was a nice Prolife one but the rest of the site is an index of cartoons by many artists and there is a whole section devoted to "pedophile priests" I saw 2 and they disgusted me enough to stop.

  2. Me parece una ofensa atros a su Santidad!