Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today on Kresta - January 21, 2010

Talking about the "things that matter most" on Jan. 21

4:00 – SCOTUS Strikes Down Campaign Finance Restrictions: What is the Implication for Pro-Life Organizations and Those with Catholic Concerns?
The Supreme Court struck down major provisions of campaign finance reform today. The court upheld disclosure requirements for corporations but struck down the distinction between individual expenditures and corporate ones. That should allow corporations and smaller entities to spend freely in support or opposition to candidates. We talk to Catholic attorney Bill Maurer about why Catholics, particularly because of their history of persecution and status as minorities and outsiders, should be skeptical of laws that limit the ability to speak about political issues.

4:20 – Kresta Comments – “Creation”
A film that tells the “true story” of 19th-century naturalist Charles Darwin will finally be making its U.S. debut this weekend – nearly four months after its worldwide release. “Creation,” which stars Paul Bettany in the leading role, will be distributed in limited theaters through Newmarket Films, which picked up the movie just days after the its producer garnered media attention by suggesting that the film had not found a distributor due to the divide that exists in America over the theory of evolution. Based on the book "Annie's Box," written by Darwin's great-grandson Randal Keynes, “Creation” tells the story of Darwin and how the world-renowned scientist’s landmark work, “The Origin of Species,” came to light. Al has a commentary on Darwin.

4:40 – A Case for the Divinity of Jesus: Examining the Earliest Evidence
Whether Jesus was really the Son of God or not is a central question for Christians--and one that has provoked heated debate since the time of Jesus' birth. Dean Overman examines the earliest Christian records to build a compelling case for the divinity of Jesus. Overman analyzes often-overlooked evidence from liturgies and letters written in the years immediately following Jesus' death--decades earlier than the Gnostic gospels or the New Testament gospels. Addressing questions raised by books such as Bart Ehrman's Misquoting Jesus and Elaine Pagels' The Gnostic Gospels, Overman presents powerful evidence from the earliest Christian communities that will be new for many modern Christians and builds a carefully reasoned case for Jesus truly being the Son of God.

5:00 – They're Back: Dissenters Form The American Catholic Council
Claiming that they are attempting to address the “serious deterioration of the US Church today,” organizers of a new Catholic reform organization are planning a national conclave in 2011 called the American Catholic Council. In what is being billed as a kind of off-site Vatican Council, the proposed gathering promises “thoughtful discussion” of scholarly papers and presentations by Catholic theologians, scholars, and activists—all directed toward the goal of creating a new Church that is “fully in tune with the authentic Gospel message.” It’s called the American Catholic Council and is an attempt to resurrect the ashes of “Call to Action” along with many other famous dissident groups. Anne Hendershott has been researching the group and has a report for us.

5:20 – Voices of the Saints: A 365-Day Journey With Our Spiritual Companions
Catholics around the world rely on the Catholic saints for guidance and inspiration…so it's important that the saints and their stories be easy to find. Voices of the Saints by Bert Ghezzi provides readers with many convenient ways to look up 365 Catholic saints: chronologically, alphabetically, by feast day, even by theme. The saint's patronage is also listed when available, as is the date of beatification or canonization. The voice of each Catholic saint comes through clearly in quotations drawn from their own writings, the recollection of witnesses, and the careful work of biographers. A prayer or Scripture verse concludes each entry. We talk with Bert.

5:45 – New at the March for Life: The Flashlight Vigil
New to the March for Life this year is flash-light rally taking place this evening near the White House. Because the March for Life tomorrow is on the Mall at a long distance from the President’s residence, it is necessary to bring the Life Principles to the President of the United States as a Part of the 37th annual March for Life. Event organizers have a permit for 3,000 marchers to Rally on this evening from 6:00-8:00 p.m. in Lafayette Park, north of the White House. The program will be prayer, song, and explanation of the theme of the March for Life and Life Principles. Teresa Tomeo is on site to report.

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