Monday, January 25, 2010

Today on Kresta - January 25, 2010

Talking about the "things that matter most" on Jan. 25

4:00 – Touched by an Angel: The Inspiration Collection: Faith and Love
Touched by an Angel was a television phenomenon. Executive Producer Martha Williamson made US television history as the second woman to ever solely executive produce two prime-time dramas simultaneously on American networks. She is certainly the first person ever to head two such programs that both blatantly honor God. After viewing the disastrous pilot for Touched by an Angel, no one believed that the show could be saved, but save it Martha did. Not only did she completely transform the program, her new version was the first religious drama to ever make it to top 10 in the ratings. Now we have the Touched by an Angel: The Inspiration Collection: Faith and Love. Martha is here to discuss it.

4:20 – Jan. 25, 1959 – Pope John XXIII Calls for the Second Vatican Council
Today marks the anniversary of the call for the Second Vatican Council by Pope John XXIII in 1959. We take to opportunity to look at the primary goals of Vatican II and some of its specific directives. Next, we’ll look at a few notable ways that the Council’s wishes have been turned into reality. Finally, we’ll discuss some important things that are yet to be done and some areas where it would appear that we’ve dropped the ball. It’s “The Unfinished Business of Vatican II” with Marcellino D’Ambrosio.

4:40 – Ireland Challenged on Abortion Laws – By EU Court / Sex Abuse Fallout - Pope Calls all Irish Bishops to Rome
In a case that is being referred to as “Europe’s Roe v. Wade,” three women have taken the Irish government to a European Union court in an attempt to change the nation’s abortion law. The women, known only as A, B and C, have petitioned the European Court of Human Rights to create a “right to abortion” in the European Convention on Human Rights. They want to see that “right” overrule the right to life guaranteed in Ireland’s Constitution. We talk to Irish Catholic journalist Gareth Peoples.

4:45 – Saint Catherine’s Academy
The mission of St. Catherine of Siena Academy is to form young women centered on the redemptive act of Christ by offering an educational experience that will inspire their hearts and minds to always seek the “Truth” that is Jesus. To that end, they will be presenting a vision for the school featuring Dr. Mary Healy this week. Pat O’Mera is here to discuss it.

5:00 – Direct to My Desk


  1. Al, I called today questioning if this backlash against the Church related to healthcare issues and other areas could be the result of Catholics not loving enough. I asked this for a specific purpose and, the purpose was to hear your immediate response. I am paraphrasing your response when you said "Ron, I love you but..." Catholics tend to take on the weight of these problems and blame themselves.
    My response here to you is with love and respect for all of your efforts in attempting to spread the word of our beautiful faith.
    Bear in mind that I have worked 29 years in the mental health field with those who suffer from many seemingly 'hopeless' diagnoses to those who appear to be very successful in life and still suffer.
    So, when you implied that I was incorrect without inquiring why I thought this way, I was quiet. I was quiet because I could not tell you what I have learned about interpersonal neurobiology, attachment theory, gene expression and quantum physics as it relates to human development and relationships.
    Through the Grace of God everything I mentioned above has given me a clearer picture of the emotional and intellectual dynamics that influence the development of love or fear and how that relates to what a person believes about God and faith and what religion one belongs to.
    The secular culture is filled with the absence of love, but, so are we. The secular culture craves love and is highly sensitized to what is not love.
    If we as Catholics do not know the intrapersonal and interpersonal dynmaics of human relationships then we are making a critical error in our attempts to get the message to them about God being Love.
    It would take much more than a comp box to explain this.
    I would be willing to fly out on my own to meet with you and Dr. Ray to discuss this. We must incorporate the new discoveries in interpersonal neurobiology in order to develop a strategy that gives others the best chance to hear our message.
    This is critical for the unborn.

  2. Al, I forgot to add that when you did not ask questions that is an example of not loving enough. It implies that you are more knowledgeable than I.
    Love seeks to know what is not known. Love is my driving force that was a gift from God Easter of 2005. I am being true to what God has given me and I am praying that you will be open to at least explore what I have not chosen to learn, but was given to spread.
    I am nobody and I would not be doing this at age 63 if God were not the source of Love.
    God Blessed me and I am just returning the favor.