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Today on Kresta - December 24, 2009

Talking about the "things that matter most" on Dec. 24

Kresta Countdown of the top interviews of 2009

#27 – Kresta Comments – “Where are the Grown-Ups?”
As the flames grew higher on Capitol Hill earlier this year, eyes bulged, tongues became unhinged, consciences were seared and necks craned so the cameras could show how many veins were popping. Two congressmen suggested that some AIG execs ought to have the decency to commit hari-kari. We all stood by waiting for someone to call for slaughter of the firstborn, lynchings or exile. If the economic meltdown is traced to the subprime housing crisis, then the psychological meltdown these events must be traced to the subprime emotional immaturity of Congress. Al says what we witnessed as the AIG debacle unfolded was that the world is being run by people not much wiser than your Uncle Bob but a whole lot better dressed. He has analysis and commentary. “Where are the Grownups?”

#26 – Dan Brown, Freemasonry, and the Catholic Church
Dan Brown may loathe Catholics, but he just adores the Masons. Brown goes out of his way in his latest book “‘The Lost Symbol” to present the lodge as essentially benign and misunderstood. The Catholic Church, of course, is seen by Brown as essentially wicked and misunderstood only by its followers. “Masons are praised for their religious tolerance,” an AP article says. In the book, Brown defends the Masons against “unfair” portrayals. So kind of him. In real life Brown says he has “enormous respect for the Masons.” Must be their historic anti-Catholicism that won him over. Showing nothing but sweetness and light, the man who has made millions dumping on the Catholic Church says of his new work, “It’s a reverent look at their philosophy. I’m more interested in what they believe than all their rituals and conspiracy theories about them.” Now if only Brown had cut Catholics the same break. We are joined by John Salza, former 32nd degree Freemason in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and author of Why Catholics Cannot Be Masons and Masonry Unmasked.

#25 – Embryo Adoption. Why Not?
With the current battle over embryonic stem cell research and a recent flurry of articles on embryo adoption in the National Catholic Register, we take the opportunity to examine the Catholic moral principles at play and look at what the Church has to say on this controversial matter of bioethics. Dr. Monica Miller is our guest.

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