Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sandra Bullock: A blessing to meet, portray a real Christian

Actress Sandra Bullock says meeting Leigh Anne Tuohy, who she portrays in The Blind Side, showed her there really are some Christians who "walk the walk."

The film, which opened the week before Thanksgiving, presents the true story of the Tuohys -- a well-off white family in Tennessee -- who welcome a homeless black youth into their home and then adopt him as their son. That young man, Michael Oher, became an All-American selection for Ole Miss and a first-round draft pick. He now plays for the NFL's Baltimore Ravens.

Bullock says thanks to the Tuohys, who attend Grace Evangelical Church in Memphis, she now has "faith in those who say they represent a faith." Getting to know Leigh Anne Tuohy, says the actress, showed her that religious faith can be authentic. "She was so open and honest and forthright," Bullock shares, "and I said, wow, I finally met someone who practices but doesn't preach."

Tuohy isn't like some hypocritical church-goers she's known, adds Bullock. "The beauty of Leigh Anne was one of my biggest questions was how people use their faith and their religion as a banner," she says. "And then they don't do the right thing, but they go 'I'm a good Christian and I go to church and this is the way you should live your life.'"

Bullock admits she was wary of Christians before she met the Tuohys. "Whereas...before I was like, do not give me a lecture on how to live my life when I know I'm a pretty decent human being," says the actress. "I might not go to church everyday, but I know I do the right thing or try to. You're going to church and you're still sleeping around on your wife...how are you better than I am? So I finally met people who walk the walk."

Leigh Anne Tuohy says she hopes The Blind Side inspires more people to help others. "You don't have to go out and bring a child into your home -- that's not what's required," says Tuohy. "But you can do something -- everybody is capable of doing something. So whatever your something is, do it well. Make a difference."

Oher's mom says she enforces a behavior code when she watches her adopted son play for the Baltimore Ravens. "I had to have a little 'come to Jesus' talk with my section at [the] Ravens' stadium," she says. "I had to explain to everyone that, okay, we're going to have a change of attitude. There is a two-drink limit, there is no cussing in this [section]. You don't know who you're sitting next to -- I'm a player's mom."

The Blind Side has earned more than $100 million dollars at the box office so far.


  1. It's good to see this kind of story, but do we really have to look that hard to see christians living out their faith? I know some christians or people that claim to be cristians are really blowing it, but there are lots that are doing good and trying to do what is right even if their not perfect. Nobody is perfect anyway. I like the saying (not sure where I first heard it.) "If you think I'm bad now, what if I wasn't a christian?" Maybe this will have a posative impact on her and she'll be begin to look at faith a little more closely.

  2. Sadly, there are many who call themselves Christian, many who call themselves Catholic, and do not live it. Her example is perfect...
    You're going to church and you're still sleeping around on your wife...how are you better than I am?

    It isn't just out in Hollywood, or wherever Sandra Bullock lives, either. This is a sad fact that adultery is rampant, co-habitation is rampant, divorce is just accepted, though it is clear that Jesus Christ holds marriage to be indissoluble, and we are told that God hates divorce in Malachi.
    We have Christian pastors or their wives cheating, and divorcing. We have pastors and priests giving the green light to those that they are counseling to divorce and marry again.

    Then we have those who tell us that they are Catholic/Christian, and are 'personally opposed' to abortion, but regularly vote in those who will continue to support it in every way possible. And many of those who elected officials also call themselves Christian. Some who are most vocal about it have also later been caught in adultery, etc.

    And today, more than at any time in Christianity, I believe, we have a very false spirit of compassion that tries to squelch the fraternal correction that is supposed to take place when we do fall into sin (as all are sinners) using the 'judge not' verses inappropriately, though one of the Spiritual Works of Mercy is to admonish the sinner.

    There are many of us who are not good examples of what it means to be Christian, unfortunately. St Francis said to preach the Gospel at all times, and SOMETIMES, to use words. Too many do the opposite.

  3. Sandra Bullock is specifically not Christian and married a divorced man who married a known 'Porn Star'. She has nothing to say about Christianity except her experiences with it as one who is alien to it. The article pretty much takes that position.

  4. I agree with most of the comments above. Unfortunately, I get told by non-Catholics that I am the first Catholic that they meet to care about their faith. That saddens me but also makes me aware that I have to be constantly aware of what I do and how I treat people especially those who I work with that know I am Catholic.
    About what was said about marriage and how many Christians easily/quickly divorce. I have a friend who is non-Christian and homosexual and he said that he was even appalled by the annullment process and that he just thought marriage was suppossed to be forever. (He saw an anullment as an equivalent to divorce)