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Today on Kresta - October, 8, 2009

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4:00 – The Reformation Project
Reformation - The usual term for the religious movement which made its appearance in Western Europe in the sixteenth century, and which, while ostensibly aiming at an internal renewal of the Church, really led to a great revolt against it, and an abandonment of the principal Christian beliefs. Due to the great amount of ignorance and misconception about the Reformation, Fr. Mitch Pacwa has embarked on a 10-part video series entitled The Reformation Project. We take a look.

5:00 – Embryo Adoption. Why Not?
With the current battle over embryonic stem cell research and a recent flurry of articles on embryo adoption in the National Catholic Register, we take the opportunity to examine the Catholic moral principles at play and look at what the Church has to say on this controversial matter of bioethics. Dr. Monica Miller is our guest.

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  1. The root of this problem is found in Romans 1:18-32. In spite of God revealing himself to all mankind through nature, man has rejected him. And since man has not seen fit to acknowledge him, God has given man over to a "debased mind to do what ought not be done," becoming "inventors of evil".

    That said, Dr. Miller proposes to (literally) throw out the baby with the bathwater by "liberating" them from their frozen state. She clings primarily to a premise that "frozen" is not a natural embryonic state. True enough. But their survival is dependent on that "unnatural state" that has come to be due to the sinfulness of man.

    However, when children are born at extreme prematurity, many would die without placing them in an "unnatural state" such as in an incubator or on a ventilator. The "unnatural state" is precisely what preserves them until they are able to sustain life in a "natural state." In both cases, the "unnatural state" is PRESERVATIVE, and promotes the superior right to LIFE.

    While it is clearly quite undesirable for us to be in this predicament in the first place, let's remember, two wrongs cannot under any circumstances make a right.

    Jim Anderson - Brownsburg, IN