Friday, October 23, 2009

Outrageous Statement of the Day

Rep. Kennedy: Catholic Church Fanning 'Flames of Dissent and Discord' Over Health Bill

This isn't complicated Rep. Kennedy. Abortion is a non-negotiable. Catholics and other rational thinking people realize that you can't advocate or vote for something that allows for, pays for, and reinforces child murder. What if this bill were PERFECTLY in line with Church teaching in every way, except that it excluded blacks? What would Rep. Kennedy think of that?

Let's not forget the EXTREME generosity of the American Catholic Church toward the Kennedy family and especially in the wake of the death, Catholic funeral, and Catholic burial of Rep. Kennedy's uncle - Sen. Ted Kennedy. The Church bent over backwards (some would argue to a fault) to be as generous to the Kennedy's as possible with Sen. Kennedy's death. But some things, Rep. Kennedy, are not up for debate. And killing babies through health care legislation is one of them.

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