Monday, November 5, 2012

Bishop: Biden Should Not Receive Communion



  1. Bishop Sheridan, thank you for stating the truth. This is what I would like to say to Pope Benedict XVI and the USCCB: Please get these people out of our Church! For starters, may I suggest a Poster inside the vestibule of each Catholic Church with the pictures of public figures who may not receive Holy Communion: Joe Biden, Kathleen Sibelius, Stephen Schneck, etc. This could be followed up with a personal letter to each Faux Catholic (from the Magesterium)expressing disappointment with their grave error, informing that they have been added to the International List of Faux Catholics, and they could have their name reinstated after going through 1) X number of hours of Catholic teaching on how to understand and weigh issues that are fundamental teachings of the Catholic Church as passed down by Holy Scripture and Sacred Tradition, and 2)Publishing a retraction! After all, who is the authority on Catholicism? The Catholic Church, or these people? Take back the authority!

    1. We don't want them out of the Church . . . they need to be there. The Church is a hospital for sinners. However, they should not be receiving Holy Communion unworthily. I like the idea of sending those public figures a letter. :)

  2. By the bishops not clarifying the serious nature of public sins by public Catholics who not only have high profiles, but use their offices to push forward such policies that put in place laws that allow the murder of children in the womb AND force the Church to pay for contraception and abortion, then Catholics and non-Catholics are confused about what the Church’s teaching is. It is wrong to allow public sinners of this nature to receive Holy Communion and blaspheme the Body of Christ and harm the Church, the mystical body of Christ.
    Not quite in the same vein, but similar, Cardinal Dolan caused the same confusion and very likely helped Obama be reelected by inviting him to the Al Smith dinner. He sent double messages to an already confused Church.
    Two points here, (1) we must be careful in comparing Christ's eating with sinners to our own life events. Christ was able to remain sinless even when keeping company with public sinners; that is not true for many or most of us. We can be seduced unwittingly into their world view. We are not on the spiritual level of the Son of God, and need to take care. (Although, I am sure that Dolan could have a private meal with Obama without such an outcome personally or with the Church.) (2) Christ scandalized the Scribes and Pharisees who held power over the Jewish people, not the sinners he was trying to reach with his mercy. Dolan soothed the consciences of the very people who should have been scandalized, those who agreed with Obama's HHS mandate against the church and who are pro-abortion, etc., and scandalized those faithful Catholics who suffer continually from the predominant elements among us including dissenting priests, women religious, academics and lay people who ignore the authority and teaching of the Church. Such a public display gave dissenting Catholics permission to support Obama, and discouraged those who need the uplift of their pastoral leaders.