Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Today on "Kresta in the Afternoon" - July 11, 2012

Talking about the "things that matter most" on July 11

4:00 – Fight Over AZ Immigration Law Continues: Religion, Law, and the Immigration Controversy
The U.S. immigration debate has raised some of the most difficult questions our nation has ever faced: How can we preserve the integrity of sovereign borders while also respecting the dignity of human beings? How should a border-that imaginary line in the sand-be humanely and effectively maintained? And how should we regard "the stranger" in our midst? To understand the experience of those directly impacted by the immigration crisis, Ananda Rose traveled to the Sonoran desert, a border region where the remains of some 2,000 migrants have been recovered over the past decade. There she interviewed Minutemen, Border Patrol agents, Catholic nuns, humanitarian aid workers, left-wing protestors, ranchers, and many other ordinary citizens of southern Arizona. She joins us to share her experiences.

5:00 – Kresta Comment

5:20 – China: one bishop excommunicated, another arrested
The Vatican yesterday announced the excommunication of a Chinese bishop who was ordained without the approval of the Holy See, while Chinese authorities have taken into custody another bishop who proclaimed his loyalty to Rome and renounced the government-backed Patriotic Association. The Vatican announced that Bishop Joseph Yue Fusheng, who was ordained on July 6, “has automatically incurred the sanctions laid down by canon 1382 of the Code of Canon Law.” The statement added that the Holy See will not recognize him as a bishop, and the priests of Harbin are not obliged to obey his orders. In the same statement, the Vatican applauded the ordination of Bishop Thaddeus Ma Daqin as an auxiliary of the Shanghai diocese, saying that July 7 ceremony was “encouraging and is to be welcome.” Bishop Ma had been ordained with the approval of both the Holy See and the Chinese government but shortly after his ordination, Bishop Ma was taken into custody by Chinese officials. Friends disclosed that he is being held, effectively a prisoner, and might be detained for months. Vatican watcher Matthew Bunson has some analysis.

5:40 – Opening the Word: Small Group Study for the Sunday Readings
Opening the Word is a weekly Catholic faith formation resource that helps you unpack the meaning of the Sunday Readings and explore how they connect to your life. What started as a curriculum to guide RCIA groups in their faith formation quickly expanded to Catholics outside the RCIA community because of its unique approach. We discuss this fantastic new resource with Dr. Edward Sri.

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  1. The Headlines With Nick Thom

    July 10 (Hour 1) Fascinating fact of the day: "The country that uses the most energy per year is Japan."

    I find that "fascinating fact" a bit hard to believe, Nick. Could you please cite your source?

    July 2 (Hour 1) Nick Thom reporting the news:
    "Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell says the Affordable Care Act will be a big issue in the November election. That's what he told FOX News Sunday. McConnell said the first step in the Republican plan for health care is to fully repeal the existing law. When asked what Republicans would do to address the estimated 30 million uninsured Americans who would lose the opportunity to get health insurance if the new law is repealed, McConnell said he wasn't concerned. He added: 'We are not going to turn the American health system into a western European system.' The Supreme Court, of course, found the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act constitutional under Congress's power to collect taxes."

    Nick, let's focus on the following sentence in that news report. "When asked what Republicans would do to address the estimated 30 million uninsured Americans who would lose the opportunity to get health insurance if the new law is repealed, McConnell said he wasn't concerned."

    I watched the interview and read the transcript. I could not find where McConnell said he wasn't concerned. Could you please cite your source, Nick?