Monday, October 17, 2011

Vatican police block backers of women's ordination

Vatican police detained a small group of demonstrators calling for the ordination of women in St. Peter’s Square, turning the group away from the Vatican basilica on October 17.

The protest was led by Father Roy Bourgeois, an American priest who has accepted excommunication and dismissal from the Maryknoll religious order because of his continuing participation in the women’s-ordination movement. The caption on an AP photo accompanying the report from the Vatican identified another demonstrator as “Janice Sevre,” without noting that the woman claims to be a Catholic priest.

The Vatican police routinely block demonstrations in St. Peter's Square.


  1. Why can't people understand that this is something that cannot be changed? The Pope cannot change Truth.

  2. Just got done researching some of the theology of why women can't be priests. Al, hope you don't mind me posting link to my blog. :)