Friday, May 29, 2009

Fr. Cutie Leaves Catholic Priesthood

Rev. Alberto Cutié, aka "Fr. Oprah", the Catholic priest from Miami who has been caught in a longtime affair, has now joined the Episcopal Church. Apparently he didn't even notify his bishop. This from the New York Times:

A Roman Catholic priest who admitted this month that he was torn between two loves -- his church and his girlfriend -- announced his choice on Thursday.
The priest, the Rev. Alberto Cutié, said he was joining the Episcopal Church and planning to marry his girlfriend of two years, who was also becoming an Episcopalian....
"With God's help," [Cutié] added, "I hope to continue priestly ministry and service in my new spiritual home."

To borrow from Brian St. Paul at Inside Catholic - "Whatever one thinks of a married priesthood, Rev. Cutié made a vow before God to remain celibate. Once caught in his infidelity, he brushed aside the correction of the Church he'd formerly claimed to love, and abandoned her for something else. That should be a warning to the future Mrs. Cutié."

Justified warning.

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  1. Everything happened with about 3 miles from the parish. It seems like he wanted to be caught. That aside, I am appalled that he would just switch like that, it's not like the two churches are even the same except for celibacy. There are other theological issues.