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  1. Yesterday, during Mass, to make a point that the Church should not leave anybody outside, the priest mentioned that the Pope Francis called a woman in Argentina and identified himself as Father Bergolio. He called her to tell her that she can receive Communion eventhough she is divorced and remarried. According to the Priest, this lady complained to Pope Francis because the local (Argentina) Priest told her that she could not received. This was on the news, according to our local priest. It is hard for me to believe that Pope Francis did what my Priest claims he did, so could you tell me where can I find the news report he is reffering to, and what is in your knowledge what really happen. If my local Priest did not have the right information, I would like to write to him with the correct information. Thank you


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    As a scalper, you have to turn into very familiar with the buying and selling platform that your dealer is offering. Different brokers could provide completely different platforms, subsequently you need to all the time open a follow account and apply with the platform till you're utterly snug using it.
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