Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Today on "Kresta in the Afternoon" - December 4, 2013

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4:00 – 2014 Catholic Almanac
It’s the absolute best source for trustworthy, accurate, up-to-date information. Our Sunday Visitor's Catholic Almanac remains the only annual, comprehensive guide to the Catholic Church. Published annually since 1904, this compendium of information is THE authoritative source for all your most up-to-date facts on the Catholic Church. With thousands of intriguing facts and essential details on a wide range of Catholic subjects, this almanac is completely updated every year and packed with topics relevant for researchers, homilists, writers, media professionals, students, parents, librarians, and teachers. We talk to Almanac editor Matthew Bunson.

5:00 - Contraception and Catholicism: What the Church Teaches and Why

Catholic teaching on contraception...a hard pill to swallow? Despite the Catholic Church's clear opposition to contraception, many individuals, including Catholics, consider the Church's stance misogynistic and outdated. In perspective of the prevailing ideologies of today's mainstream society-a morality dictated by feeling, the assumed inevitability of extramarital sexual activity as necessary for human fulfillment, and the unconsidered idea that contraception is a magic cure for unwanted pregnancy and disease-the Church's teaching on contraception may surely seem like a hard pill to swallow. But really, it is not. Author Angela Franks, PhD, an experienced pro-life speaker and educator, discovered this truth herself. After questioning the Church's stance as a young Catholic, she realized that the Church was not forcing an old-fashioned view on our intimate relationships. Rather, the Church was aligning to the reality already present in our biology. She is here to present a comprehensive look at the Church's view on the meaning and purpose of sex as love and life, unity and procreation. She equips you with the information that you need to understand, adopt, and/or teach the Church's position on contraception. 


  1. Changes in the US/Western economic system have required young professional women to enter the workplace full-time and have thus necessitated the use of contraceptives by anyone aspiring to the American Dream. The Church fails to recognize the massive impact of modern economic realities and thus its teaching on contraception is disconnected with the lives of modern women and families.

  2. I'm impressed by the number of goods that I owe to contraception. Well educated children (private schools), lovely home, European vacations, trips to the Opera, family meals at nice restaurants, etc. More children than the two I have would make all this quite less possible or even impossible. So much family happiness is directly traceable to the use of contraceptives! Really big families are only for the very wealthy, unless you want to use public education, to which I would never subject my children.